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Escondido, Oceanside, Carlsbad police send rape kits to independent lab for testing

REGION — More than 2,000 rape kits from a dozen local law enforcement agencies — including police departments in Escondido, Oceanside and Carlsbad — have been sent to an independent lab for testing, with test results received on nearly 90% of the kits, the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office announced on Sept. 10.

The DA’s Office said the 2,030 kits represent all the previously untested kits from 12 agencies dating back to 1990. The figures do not include San Diego Police Department kits, as SDPD conducts its own testing.

Of the 2,030 kits (including 818 from the three North County police departments), sent to Bode Cellmark Forensics of Lorton, Virginia, results have come back on 1,818 kits as of Aug. 19.

Among those results, about 36% of the SART kits tested produced a full or partial DNA profile that belongs to a person who is not the victim, according to the DA’s Office, which said the testing efforts were part of a three-year project to cut into San Diego County’s untested rape kit backlog.

The results are being uploaded to the FBI’s Combined DNA Index System — or CODIS — to see if there are potential offender matches, possibly leading to new investigations.

Agencies involved in the project include:

— San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, with 777 kits;

— Escondido Police Department, with 414 kits;

— Oceanside Police Department, with 303 kits;

— Chula Vista Police Department, with 141 kits;

— El Cajon Police Department, with 134 kits;

— Carlsbad Police Department, with 101 kits;

— National City Police Department, with 93 kits;

— San Diego State University Police Department, with 23 kits;

— La Mesa Police Department, with 21 kits;

— UC San Diego Police Department, with 16 kits;

— Cal State University San Marcos Police Department, with four kits;

— Coronado Police Department, with three kits.

The District Attorney’s Office says $1.6 million has been spent on testing, to date.

“As a special victims prosecutor, I saw the devastation and long term physical and emotional trauma that victims of sexual assault and exploitation suffer,” District Attorney Summer Stephan said. “I vowed we would test every sexual assault kit and we did. As a part of bringing dignity to victims and accountability to perpetrators, rape kits must be tested.”

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MESSINA September 17, 2020 at 10:32 am

I applaud each and every single person who allowed EACH of the steps to take place so that these rape kits be tested and pursuing investigations within. It is a monumental feat. Thank you for helping do what is right. May this continue to help the victims. But, I think the only way to truly make the 1.6 million dollars well spent is to additionally— focus on the bigger picture.

Police need laws to enforce crime. Society in 2020 still doesn’t have laws in place or only has “bare- nothing” laws in place addressing how and why rapists get away with rape.
1) We need laws in place TO HELP the men, women and older teenagers who don’t report rape because the specific experience was too unexpected and/or violent and/or too disempowering. For example: A law in place that allows people to report they were lied to–in order to get them alone. They are not reporting the rape–they are reporting “the deception” leading to unwanted more. This would also help in regards to #2.
2) Rape victims don’t report — disempowered by the risk or threat of additional harm–because the victim is ONE PERSON–alone.
We need overdue, overdue laws to help— re: victims not reporting due to risk of threat or risk of harm or in danger by people the rapists knows–the rapist’s friends, powerful bosses or associates. Contrary to any misconception–a high percentage of people—will cover up the violent rape of an unsuspecting human being–cover up for their own reasons, including simply not having to take the time to talk to the police or having to get involved. Thus, we need a law criminalizing the unconscionable acts or statements: WHAT people will do or say to cover up pure violent rape of an innocent person. Laws making it a felony to criminally DETOUR police that a rape or attempted rape occurred and laws making it a felony for detouring that–factually— there is a sane, severely suffering victim in the situation–all hidden in the manure of “other people and their needs”.
There is a huge difference between a person telling the police officer: “I don’t want to be involved” versus a selfish person— instead saying additional criminal false manure: “The rape victim is mentally ill, the rape victim was with me, the rape victim is known for experimenting with sex, the rape victim is into breaking relationships, into prostitution, into drugs”. Meanwhile, the facts are: rape victim is one whole sane person who experienced pure and true rape–and has no idea the rapist and others are additionally harming the victim–who didn’t report because the experience was too unexpected or too violent or tooo disempowering or toooo embarrassing, etcet.
3) A law in place criminalizing a male or female rapist who lies “that they are single” in order to rape.
4) A law in place stating no wife or significant other has the right to harm the victim so that the rapist can get clean-cut away with no one realizing what is really going on. An unsuspecting person was raped by a rapist and loved ones don’t want the police to know or for anyone to know.
5) A 10-year minimum felony sentence for any wife or significant other who additionally harms a rape victim to ensure the victim will never report or to detour the police from questioning the rape victim. It is additional pure hideous what people will do to hide the rape of an unsuspecting rape victim because protecting their own lives, their financial comfort high quality life, etc and the rapist’s life is all that counts.
6) A poignant set of felony laws fully addressing the level of trauma and disempowerment from the moment the rapist started taking over prior to physical contact–that is when the acute damage is done.
A specific–felony— law in place–to specifically add to the law re: deception of getting person alone. A specific law making it criminal-a 10 year sentence— for what the person did “unwanted by the victim–prior to physical contact or attempted physical contact. So a victim doesn’t have to report it the rape–but, is allowed to report what criminally happened prior to the rape–so a victim doesn’t get disempowered by the whole issue of “reporting a rape.
7) Police officers needing to possess the specific training and understanding that anyone who supports a rapist or who doesn’t want the rapist prosecuted cares less about justice or doing what is right. All police officers being in full uniform when contacting a rape victim and addressing a rape victim as a rape victim–must happen every, every,every, every time. Any officer re-traumatizing a victim by doing what the rapist did—– fully re-victimizes the victim and disempowers the victim immediately 1000% more. Unconscionable persons having their own personal hidden needs so that a rapist isn’t suspected of rape or prosecuted for rape matters. These people exploit police officers and use/misuse police officers and officers don’t even know or comprehend to what extreme unconscionable level people will exploit officers. Independently, it is purely reasonable for severely harmed rape victims to be traumatized by police officers or to fear police officers–as a result of the terror from the rape. The level of mental harm done during the rape causes exponential harm resulting in reasonable terror to a victim. The terror a victim possesses of the rapist, the disbelief that they were raped or raped again—- reasonably many times becomes also a fear of police officers–too. The level of harm deception, rape, multiple rapes inflicts upon a rape victim is merciless. Rape victims need officers to contact rape victims or possible rape victims with infinite sensitivity. It is purely impossible to put into words the level of psychological harm to a rape victim or to a victim who has experienced multiple violent rapes by different people who each time lied. It is overdue, overdue that deception to get another person alone is a hardcore felony.
7) It should be a 25- year felony to rape a person and file an erroneous fake police report to hide the rape. There should be a system put in place that all people named in any police report are contacted by email and/or voicemail or a community service officer visit when any type of police report is filed.
People need to know their names are in police reports—in every situation a report is filed.
#8) A 45-year additional sentence for what the victim goes through re: “unable to live in that body the rapist took over with the rape or attempted rape. A 10-year sentence for any person who protects a rapist and cares less what a victim goes through re: “their body”.
#9) A 5-year sentence for any female or male person who convince police that any person who spends extra time at gyms or exercising is “supposedly on drugs or steroids””–when instead they are on nothing–but, privately dealing with the horror of rape and trying to accept their body.
#10) Spouses, employers, or friends who don’t want the rape reported because they care less that a human being was raped—is a huge issue our laws do not address. Their “nice lives” and financially convenient situation continuing to be the same—- must rule. There need to be active laws in place to address this issue. It is not only that All people on a police report need to be notified–since people who need to protect criminals easily can make false police reports and pay or diabolically convince relatives, neighbors to verify info as “true” on a false police report.
11) A 25-year mandatory sentence for any mental healthcare professional or MFT who lies about their credentials–lying that they are able to to assist a rape victim—so that professional can make money–while the rape victim is being independently exploited further.
#12) A 25-year mandatory felony sentence for any professional to document and lie about a rape victim in order to feloniously destroy or attempt to destroy the credibility of a rape victim; Mandatory felony sentence–mandatory.
13)A 25 -year felony sentence for a any mandatory reporter professional to recklessly, negligently spread false information about a rape victim, a stalking victim etc. Example of false info: “rape victim is mentally ill; rape victim is a violent schizophrenic; rape victim is delusional. MEANWHILE the facts are the rape victim is one ardent factual person victim and witness all in one. It matters who will ruthlessly do more in order to ensure criminals are not held accountable.
#14) A 25-year felony law for any mental health professional who verbally assaults any victim with anxiety issues resulting in eating disorder/bulimia issues. Stalking, rape, attempted rape, unwanted harrassment or the trauma from the unwanted behavior and one being “alone” is inevitable really serious damage and harm to a victim. No one has the right to add additional assault to the situation–including any paid person who has a professional license to practice in the healthcare industry.

Sorry for the Length. But, thank you. Statute of Limitations favors criminals who harm innocent people –but, victims are spared of being killed. It is ridiculous that criminals can hiddenly harm their victims and severely alter their lives for the rest of their lives—yet, since they didn’t murder their victim–all is supposedly roses. Meanwhile, it is the opposite of roses for the victim throughout their life. It matters!

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