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Eco-Minute: Single-use plastic is a choice

Plastic pollution has been growing like a waistline: like candy, we enjoy it for a moment, and before we know it, we have a big problem.

It’s time for a diet.

What makes plastic good is what makes it bad too: it lasts and lasts, and never goes away.

We’re not good stewards of the Earth if we cover it with plastic. We can’t just enjoy its short-term benefits and ignore its long-term costs.

The cure is simple: we need to reduce our use. Here’s one easy way to start.

Some restaurants use foam containers and plastic utensils. Drinks come in a plastic cup with a plastic straw. That plastic is useful for a few minutes, then thrown away. Minutes of use for centuries of trash: it that worth it?

You don’t need that plastic. Just make a little kit and carry it with you. Pack a spoon, a fork, and maybe a straw in a food container. Bring a water bottle. When you eat out, use your kit.  If you have leftovers, use your container; there’s no need for a doggie bag.

They don’t have to be bamboo or stainless steel utensils: even plastic ones work fine. Or bring some silverware from home.  Wash them when you get home and reuse them.

When you bring your own utensils, you’re showing your environmental concern. You’re making a statement and sending a message that you care.