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Oh Halloween, you festive little hobgoblin of a youth’s delight. There’s something transcendent about All Hallow’s Eve that enables us to keep this candied day of mischievous delight close to our pagan hearts.
I was going to warble on about Halloween and explain all the history behind it but then I remembered that no one wants to read a history lesson. Everyone already knows about All Hallow’s Eve and all that happy horse pucky.
I have to say that Halloween is my favorite holiday, (chocolate) bar none. I’m not sure it’s even a real holiday. It’s more of a Celtic pagan day celebrating the conclusion of the harvest season in Gaelic culture.
But today it’s just the last chance adults have to act like kids and play pretend.
Maybe it’s the massive plundering of sugared resources, or the fact that our parents actually helped us scour our darkened neighborhoods for those chocolatey treasures.
It might have something to do with seeing women dress up like lascivious street walkers for Halloween. The most timid, bashful wallflower will dress up like a pirate hooker on Halloween. I guess losing inhibitions on a pagan holiday makes sense though.
And just a small hint: stop wearing elaborate make up as part of your costume. When you start the night off as Dracula, and end it looking like a droopy Bea Arthur with fangs … it’s not a good look.
I also have my persistent infatuation with ghosts, goblins and all things that go bump in the night. Mention God, government or academic debate and my attention might last about 10 minutes before I space out and walk away. If you discuss specters, haunts, and beasties, I’m all ears with a few ominous stories of my own.
Even with all the groovy ghoulie stories, I think my love of the candy coma holiday has something to do with fall. It’s one of the few times of the year in San Diego where seasons actually show some type of transformation.
The weather starts to get a bit colder, nighttime slips past the sun earlier, and you can even smell people using their fireplaces. Maybe I’m sappy, or the candy corn is drugged, but this is my favorite season.
With the trick-or-treating, weather and massive candy consumption, it’s a time of year laden with spooky stories and escapism at its best. That’s actually one of the first situations that sparked me to put pen to paper and dump out what’s in my head.
Make-believe and writing are one in the same. Which can also be said about Halloween. You can be whomever you want on that day. From a hungry zombie to a naughty nurse.
Oct. 31 is about make-believe. Here’s to hoping that hasn’t left our hearts just yet.