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District hires more security after Kelly School vandalism

CARLSBAD — Destructive and lewd vandalism during the night of June 22 and early morning of June 23 has marred work in progress on the playground renovation at Kelly Elementary School, 4885 Kelly Drive.
There is concern that the vandalism relates to the requests by a citizen group for an investigation into possible carcinogens in or around Kelly Elementary School. This is the second and most serious instance of vandalism since construction began earlier this month. It follows verbal assaults directed toward construction workers on June 22.
School is out of session for the summer and no district staff or construction crews were injured. To protect people and property, the district has notified the Carlsbad Police Department and hired security to patrol Kelly during all hours that the contractor, Randall Construction, Inc., is not on-site.
Upon arriving at Kelly at 5 a.m. on June 23, Randall personnel discovered several acts of vandalism on both sides of the locked fence. According to the report filed, building materials were thrown about, trash cans were upturned and the portable toilet was knocked over, spilling its contents. Nearly every safety measure put in place to protect the community was dismantled. Safety cones were displaced, delineaters were knocked over and caution tape perimeter was shredded. In addition, lewd graffiti was displayed on the site.
District Superintendent John A. Roach, said, “We are dismayed by the wanton acts of destruction produced by what we believe is a very small number of people. The new playground has been much-anticipated and greatly supported by Kelly families. The $60,000 project featuring new playground equipment is being funded via monetary awards from Kelly’s receipt of numerous California Governor’s Challenge (fitness) Competitions, school fundraising efforts and strong community support.”
Roach added, “The verbal assaults centered on the concerns of some people in the community regarding the possibility of cancer clusters in Carlsbad; specifically within proximity to Kelly. The great majority of people with questions and concerns are pursuing legitimate and peaceful means of inquiry.”
The San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency held a Community Forum on community concerns about a cancer cluster in Carlsbad on June 28 at the Sheraton Carlsbad hotel. See page A3 for a news story about the forum.
For more information on the HHSA’s ongoing investigation, visit