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District asks for care of fire hydrants

RANCHO SANTA FE — Each year the Rancho Santa Fe Fire Protection District performs service on each of the 2,400 fire hydrants within districts for 42 square miles. The service performed is to ensure that the hydrant functions correctly and also that it is visible and accessible to fire crews during an emergency.
Recent servicing found an increasing number of hydrants are becoming obstructed by plants, trees and other landscaping materials.
To help make sure that all hydrants are visible and accessible throughout the year, the district is asking residents who may have a fire hydrant on their property or adjacent to it in the public right of way, to ensure that the following requirements are followed during the year:
— The fire hydrant should be visible from the road or driveway.
— A 3-foot radius of clear space shall be maintained around the fire hydrant.
— A 4-foot vertical clear space from the top of the fire hydrant shall be maintained within the 3-foot circumference.
— The finished grade of soil and any ground cover should not be higher than the base of the fire hydrant within the 3-foot radius.
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