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Crossing bridges and spa parties in the Ranch

Last fall, I had the wonderful opportunity of working in an art gallery. I remember when I found out that I snagged that art consultant position, I literally wept small tears of joy down the cracked sidewalks in La Jolla, while staring up at a church cross reaching up to the clouds, thanking God for this new wonderful experience.You see, I sort of have this thing for art. I romanticize about it, dream about painting. And, once in a while, I mix some acrylics and paint leisurely on my kitchen floor.One of my favorite personal silent moments was when I visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art and stared at my favorite painting by Monet, “The House of Parliament.” Once I had thought I had seen the real painting in Aspen, but later found out it was not real. I remember being so crushed by that. I needed the real thing.

Eventually, I made my way to New York and stood in front of its beauty, transfixed on the fog dangling over the waters in front of the Parliament in England. It’s no wonder then when I managed to slip into the art world in La Jolla, I was overwhelmed with gratitude. I think my friends found talking to me during these months boring because all I would do is gush about how wonderful it was to be surrounded by art.

For more than nine months I joyously vacuumed the gallery. I dusted the paintings. I studied the artists that hung on the walls and then harbored my own desires to buy a few for myself. Eventually, I did that, too. However, we must say goodbye to what we love when crossing new bridges.

Due to a recent increase of writing projects, which is my first love, I have had to say goodbye to the gallery. I will always remember that period as a dreamy holiday where I submerged my soul beneath the reality of time and managed to escape inside a few timeless paintings. My heart will always be full of love for the arts.


Around Town

At the end of June, Rancho Santa Fe real estate agent Priscilla Wood enjoyed two wonderful events: the last days at the fair with friend and her 10-year class reunion at San Dieguito High School Academy. You may recognize Priscilla from the column or just around town. She works with one of Prudential’s top selling agents — Michael Taylor.

Priscilla looks absolutely radiant in both photos with her girlfriends! Thanks Priscilla for allowing me to feature both of these gorgeous photos from this summer. For the latest news from Priscilla, you can follow her twitter feed at

On June 30, Karian Forsyth held one of her famous spa parties under a perfect blue sky on a Saturday. Guests enjoyed champagne, cherries, strawberries and deviled eggs, while chatting about the best places to find fabulous designer shoes without paying retail. I found out about a Neiman Marcus outlet that day. Who knew? I doubt that I will ever make it past the TJ Maxx in Encinitas, but it’s good a girl finds out about these things just in case!

I also found out that Karian and Tom just resurfaced the pool area with tile from Florentine Tile. Tom’s granite business has been in San Diego for many years. If you are looking to upgrade your home’s value with a fabulous makeover with new tile or granite, stay local with Rancho Santa Fe resident Tom Forsyth. For more information visit his website: at Thanks Karian for always including me on the spa party invite.

On July 1, publishers Heather and John Winfield enjoyed the Pan American Polo Match and Independence Day Celebration at the San Diego Polo Fields. You may recognize Heather and John from around town. Both are busy organizing events for their clients and attending parties this summer.

Heather helped plan and organize Kiwi Audio Visual’s Pre-Opening Day Party for July 12. If you happened to read this on July 11 and would love to come a smashing party honoring Kiwi’s clients and colleagues, call (888) 567-5494. Don’t they make a gorgeous couple though? It looks like they had a spectacular day.

On July 6, I found out Marla Martenson’s newest book just came out on Kindle. I don’t normally read books there. However, for the right author, I will. About two years ago, I met Marla at a book signing in Del Mar. Sometimes we don’t know when our lives are about to change, but after meeting Marla, mine did. I had been in a bit of a no-reading slump for over a year, and Marla’s “A Diary of a Beverly Hills Matchmaker” helped me find my way back to books.

Her candid, honest and hilarious memoir about being a matchmaker in “La La Land” had me smiling and eased my mind back inside the cover of books. Since then, I’ve been back to my steady reading.

“Hearts on the Line,” is Marla’s newest book. I have already read about a quarter of it tonight and find her frank talk about her personal life, while busy matchmaking, easy to slip into, like a pair of perfect loose pajamas. Once I start reading, I don’t want to stop. So if you are looking for that fun summer read with some spicy, juicy tales from Hollywood, go on Amazon and order Marla Martenson’s “Hearts on the Line.” You can purchase all of her books directly at Congrats on your fourth book Marla!


Machel has been writing for the Rancho Santa Fe News for four years. She also writes for various magazines in Southern California. You can contact Machel at [email protected]