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Home entertainment options continue to expand with Cox Communications.
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Cox Contour TV filling consumer hunger for apps

With the addition of YouTube Kids and NPR One to its menu of apps, Cox Communications’ Contour TV continues to bring more options to home entertainment, whether you’re watching a cable network on demand, accessing a movie on Netflix, or listening to NPR while doing household chores.

Contour TV already offers Netflix, YouTube and iHeart Radio apps, which eliminate the need for a secondary device or input switch.

Now, with YouTube Kids and NPR One, Contour brings even more age-appropriate content to the TV screen for younger members of the family, and the informative, quality audio programming of NPR One for those who want to stay abreast of current events – particularly as election day gets closer.

Cox Contour customers can simply use their voice remote control to easily and quickly access shows, movies and music by speaking into their voice remote control to access the apps. Just say things like “Netflix,” “YouTube Kids,” or “National Public Radio,” and Cox Contour will go straight there.

The programming can also be accessed by going to the “Apps” section of the Contour guide:

Netflix: Catch up on past and current episodes of your favorite Netflix shows with Contour 2 and a Netflix subscription—no need to toggle between remotes or TV inputs. It’s as easy as changing the channel.

YouTube: Easily search billions of YouTube videos with your voice remote control and set parental controls so that the app can only be accessed with a PIN.

YouTube Kids: Access family-friendly videos, from favorite shows and music to video tutorials on how to build a model volcano. You can also flag videos for review by the YouTube Kids team and monitor what your children are watching through the “watch history” function.

NPR One: Access a stream of local and national news, stories and podcasts from National Public Radio (NPR) that help keep listeners informed, engaged and inspired.

iHeart Radio: Listen to more than 800 live radio stations over a range of genres, including Pop, Country, Alternative Rock, Hip-Hop, and R&B.

So, the next time you want to watch a makeup tutorial, do-it-yourself video or your child’s soccer game on YouTube, you don’t have to settle for viewing it on your smartphone when Contour delivers the same content on your TV screen. And, it’s as easy as the push of a button.

Fantasy Football and more…

Contour TV also offers apps for local weather and extended forecasts, checking real-time traffic before you leave the house, minute-to-minute stock updates, daily horoscopes and sports.

The Sports app lets you check live sports scores and statistics, find live games on TV, and see upcoming schedules. You can even watch TV and use the Sports app at the same time – which comes in handy when your two-year-old is enthralled with his or her favorite show.

And, now that it’s football season, the Fantasy Football app helps CBS Sports Fantasy Football players keep up with their fantasy teams on the same screen as the live games themselves (or any other program).

To access the apps on Cox Contour, customers simply need a compatible Contour receiver and Cox High Speed Internet service. For more information on Cox Contour, visit


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