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Jon Schwartz of Sea Crest At Home visits the RSF Senior Center for a special talk entitled, “All The Good That Comes With Aging.” Photo by Christina Macone-Greene
Jon Schwartz of Sea Crest At Home visits the RSF Senior Center for a special talk entitled, “All The Good That Comes With Aging.” Photo by Christina Macone-Greene
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County begins road resurfacing in Rancho Santa Fe

RANCHO SANTA FE — During certain times of the day, RSF residents may experience some gridlock along Avenida De Acacias and La Granada. According to RSF Association acting Manager Ivan Holler, work signs are being placed on these roads leading up to the intersection of both streets.

“The county is going to start a project to resurface that intersection. It’s very uneven, and so they’re going to take out the asphalt and redo the concrete aprons, drainage aprons, redo a little portion of a sidewalk there and put that all back,” Holler said.

While the signage indicates the project will take three months, Holler is hopeful it won’t take that long to complete. Holler was quick to point out there will be traffic impacts during the morning, school drop-off and the afternoon pick-up.

These timeframes could range from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m., and then again, at 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

“I would encourage you, unless you have to be there, don’t be around those intersections at those times,” he said.

Holler was asked by the board if the “little mess” in front of the Association would be fixed.

Holler said he thought it would slightly improve.

“We talked to them about including a slot drain in the middle of the apron to handle the low flow so just a little depression,” he said.  Holler added, “Unfortunately we were not successful in getting them to do that.”

And staff did try.

Holler went on to say that the County was concerned because pedestrians would have to walk across that area and they might trip in that slot.

“So, we’ll still have some low flow that occurs there. However, I think it should be better,” he said.

In the beginning stages, Holler said, there may be some potholes in the coming days but they’ll fix that up.  Likewise, they will not shut down the intersection completely.

“They’ll do a portion of it and then shift to the other side,” Holler said.

Once Holler was finished with his update on the roadwork, he asked Daria Quay, the Association’s executive assistant to say a few words about new member gift baskets.

Holler explained there was a direct correlation between the baskets and chatting with new residents about voter registration.

“In November we had eight escrows close, and I sent out invitations to eight new members,” she said, noting how all new members came to the Association to pick up their baskets and registered to vote.

According to Quay, some new members in the community also showed interest in the golf club while others were equestrians.

The Board was incredibly pleased with the 100 percent registration rate and commended Quay on a job well done.  The new member gift basket was Quay’s idea and was recently brought to fruition.

On another note, Holler addressed the board and members in attendance that this would be his last official board meeting as acting manager and secretary since their new Association Manager Bill Overton will be taking the reins at the end of January.

The board thanked Holler for all his assistance during his time                                              as acting manager.