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Councilwoman announces run for Assembly

CARLSBAD — Carlsbad City Councilwoman Farrah Douglas understands the adversities life can bring. Her toughest, was fleeing Iran in 1979 during the dangerous Islamic Revolution with her American husband and child. They arrived in the United States without money or employment waiting for them. Douglas, an Iranian immigrant, rebuilt her new life in an American culture.
Douglas, 62, has embraced opportunities to take on strategic positions in her community, chamber of commerce, civic, and political endeavors.
A Republican, Douglas recently announced her candidacy for the 76th State Assembly. The district includes Carlsbad, Oceanside, Vista, Encinitas and Camp Pendleton.
Assemblyman Martin Garrick’s term is up in 2012 and he’s representing her.
Douglas’ personal footprint is in majority of the 76th Assembly Districts. She has resided in both Carlsbad and Oceanside, her son attended school in Vista, and at one time she worked in Encinitas.
Although Douglas has only served nine months on the City Council, a run for State Assembly is something she just can’t pass up. Douglas said serving the citizens in the district is her way of giving back to the communities who have been good to her over the years.
“I know I am capable and I know that I can make a difference,” she said.
Even though the City Council has made positive changes, Douglas said, she realizes there’s a lack of authority to do bigger things. This has fueled her desire to run.
“I love doing good for people and that’s what energizes me,” Douglas said. “The magnitude of what I can accomplish up in Sacramento interests me.”
Some items which punctuate Douglas’ campaign address employment and small businesses, fiscal responsibility in government, state worker pension reform, immigration, education, transportation and infrastructure, and water supply.
Douglas and her spouse, Rick, have owned their Carlsbad business for more than 20 years. Following their printing franchise investment, they established their own company, CDS Printing. Firsthand, Douglas recognizes the hurdles small businesses are facing.
“I believe the job of the legislature is to make peoples’ lives easier and make good laws for businesses,” she said. “We need to make sure that businesses have enough freedom to do what they do best which is creating jobs, creating an income, and creating profits.”
Douglas describes herself as a council member who reads the whole agenda. She must understand all the issues, the costs, and how it benefits the citizens. If all her questions aren’t answered she won’t vote on it.
Douglas is puzzled by the bills, which are currently passed in Sacramento.
“I believe if our legislatures read the bills that they were passing they wouldn’t pass them,” she said, adding how some hinder small businesses.
“Farrah is very determined, she really does her homework and then some, and she throws herself into whatever she is doing,” said Carlsbad Mayor Pro Tem Ann Kulchin.
Douglas believes her business and leadership involvement could offer unique leverage in the State Assembly. This includes her experience as a Carlsbad councilwoman, Board of Directors for the San Diego Water Authority Board, Board of Directors for SANDAG, Board of Directors for League of California Cities, Carlsbad Planning Commission, and many more.
“I think Farrah has a lot to offer and she will be sorely missed in Carlsbad if she wins,” said Carlsbad Mayor Matt Hall. “Farrah is someone who can build a consensus and someone that can truly make a difference.”

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Rob Peterson October 14, 2011 at 10:13 am

What we need in Sacramento are people who will devote most of their time to reviewing and repealing most of the stupid CA laws on the books.

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