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Final plans and specifications to change two-way Mission Avenue into a one-way street from Horne Street to Cleveland Street were approved April 3 by the City Council. Photo by Promise Yee
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Contractor sought for phase one of upgrades

OCEANSIDE — The city is calling for requests for proposals from contractors to give Mission Avenue a $3 million facelift. 

Final plans and specifications to change two-way Mission Avenue into a one-way street from Horne Street to Cleveland Street, and add wider sidewalks, park benches, quaint lighting and enhanced landscaping, received a 4-1 vote of approval from City Council April 3.

Councilwoman Esther Sanchez cast the no vote and voiced disapproval of the reverse angle parking and lack of a class one bike lane.

Nathan Mertz, city capital improvement manager, said the reverse angle parking would be limited to a few areas along the street where there are not currently outdoor cafes.

Bicycles will have shared access of the road, but not a separated bike lane.

Mertz said there has been very little objection to the street improvement project that had its general plans approved in late 2011. Street and sidewalk improvements to the downtown gateway are anticipated to increase pedestrian and bicycle travel and spawn new businesses.

“Business owners are 100 percent behind the project,” Mertz said. “It’s a dated roadway. We’re bringing it up to date.”

Follow the selection of a contractor, street and sidewalk improvements will begin in fall 2013 and be finished by summer 2014.

First, Mission Avenue and adjacent Seagaze Drive will be restriped for one-way traffic. Then work will begin on a four-block section of one side of the roadway at a time. Temporary walkways will allow businesses within the immediate construction zone to remain open.

Mertz said the city is looking for a contractor who has experience in a downtown business setting and can provide uninterrupted access to businesses during construction.

A SANDAG Active Transportation Grant of $1.5 million was awarded to the city to help pay for the project. The city matched the remaining funds.

Phase two plans to continue Mission Avenue as a one-way street from Cleveland Street to Pacific Street are “on the books” and will be implemented at a future date.

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Linda Sills April 12, 2013 at 10:28 am

It always amazes me to see uninformed people, proposing stupid ideas. The worst part is that no one involved in these “projects” even understand, nor do they research what is behind this. If, and that is a big if, you would look up where the term “complete streets” comes from, you will find it started in Europe. This is America, NOT Europe! We used to be a sovereign country..however (today) not so much. Why are we allowing international petty dictators such as the United Nations, free reign over our decisions, and our city planning? Go ahead fools, keep marching toward your utopia, and you will regret it for decades, if not centuries.

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