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Consideration of Loma Alta development postponed

OCEANSIDE — About a dozen residents showed up for the Monday Planning Commission meeting to find the commission’s consideration of the Loma Alta tract development was postponed until the following meeting.

Neighbors to the proposed housing development located west of Loma Alta Drive voiced concerns at an earlier community outreach meeting. Many of the concerns still stand.

There was no discussion on Dec. 19. City Planner Jeff Hunt said Water Utilities and Planning staff will be on hand to answer residents’ questions at the next meeting.

Following the meeting commissioners said they are aware residents have concerns about the project’s sewer system and drainage.

The proposed single-family housing project requests a density increase to allow 10 four-bedroom homes to be built on the undeveloped 4.1-acre site. Project density will be 2.44 units per acre. Lot sizes will range from 10,055 to 13,005 square feet, and homes will be between 2,631 and 2,724 square feet.

Planned houses will be two-story, and split level to fit the sloped topography. They will have three-car garage parking. Access will be by a private cul-de-sac road.

The architecture style is mission revival, which features shallow pitched roofs, vertically oriented windows, stucco exteriors, heavy wood doors, iron decorative elements and exposed wood beams.

A shared open space and tot lot is included in project amenities. Also contained in the common space is an underground sewer lift station and storm water management facility.

Single-family homes surround the site.

Residents’ concerns shared at an outreach meeting and in letters were insufficient sewer, drainage and parking, the project’s high density and view obstruction.

The chief concern is additional houses would further burden the public sewer system that has a connection problem, and has repeatedly caused the backup and drainage of raw sewage onto two properties at the end of Walsh Street.

A homeowner’s letter said he could point out the sewer leak area, sink holes and bottom drain pipe.

Another letter said the homeowner had no confidence in a lift station that pumped water up, and requested a gravity feed system be used.

City staff reports support the project.

City data shows the sewer line has enough capacity for the planed houses.

Storm water from Loma Alta Creek Drive will flow into an improved conveyance system within the project. The homeowner association will maintain the system, and it will have an emergency generator to ensure constant operation.

The Planning Commission will consider the project and make recommendations Jan. 9.

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