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COMMUNITY COMMENTARY: We, The People of Encinitas

There is a sense of calm when knowing you reside in a city of intelligent, caring and active people.
Before the City Council meeting on Oct. 13, there was a press conference and rally organized in front of our City Hall. Television and print media attended to report the event. I attended it with my child, and listened objectively to the information provided by Andrew Audet and Charlie McDermott to name just two activists of our town questioning our local governments work and ethic violations by our long time resident Mayor Dan Dalager. They created greater awareness to The People of the discovery of wasteful spending and dishonesty projected by city counsel.
Once inside the city walls, the chamber was packed wall to wall with The People. I was pleased. Pleased and relieved to see once again, The People participating, congregating and expressing their concerns and outcry as to the direction government officials have taken our city. Sounding alarms to The People to get involved, rise up and wake up!
I am pleased to see The People of Encinitas care, The People are concerned and The People are speaking out and questioning government spending — but let’s not leave this outcry at the local level.
No, let us take this outcry of concern and continue on our homefront and raise it to the state and federal levels as well. Keep congregating, keep speaking, keep listening, keep voting and keep questioning all government officials.
We need to continue to listen carefully to those speaking and to not follow so easily what is being said at any rally or meeting. Question motives, question outcomes, question the wish-lists and its costs in taxes, fees and further rules, regulations and more laws that will continue to restrict us. We must continue to question our school system, its curriculum, quality and its spending. Including city operations and service departments spending, county, state and federal operations and service department spending, as well. This includes questioning fire department, police department services and personnel spending, school services and personnel spending, postal services; any and all government institutions.
Let us not ever forget that this is our city, our state and our United States of America and may the strong hold power remain with We, The People.