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Ellie Dominguez, founder of Coast to Coast Real Estate Investments. Courtesy photo
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Coast to Coast Real Estate Investments specializes in relocation services

Whether you’re a military family moving across the country or in search of a new home following a divorce, Coast to Coast Real Estate Investments agency is there to help ease the process.

Founded by Ellie Dominguez, an award-winning realtor and top performer with Century 21 for more than 10 years, Coast to Coast Real Estate Investments  provides its clients with a full-service, experienced legal team and realtors for those big moves in life.

Buying or selling a home or business is not a seamless process, especially when it involves a divorce or a division of assets. Moving an entire family – kids, pets and everything else included – is not exactly easy either.

Unlike many corporate realty agencies, Dominguez is a self-employed realtor licensed in both California and Washington D.C. who cares about making sure her clients are well-informed about their loan and product options when searching for a new home.

“I’ve seen a lot of people get taken advantage of during my time as a realtor,” Dominguez said. “We will find the best product, the best attorney, the best document preparer, and we will cut fees if necessary to help the client.”

Not only does Dominguez own Coast to Coast Real Estate Investments, which has an office in Oceanside, she also owns legal offices in San Diego and San Bernardino.

“I can assist you in resolving property disputes, and relocation services, especially for military personnel and political figures,” Dominguez said. “If anybody has an issue with divorce or does not know how to divide property, we can help them.”

Coast to Coast Real Estate Investments plans to offer monthly divorce workshops for interested clients at the Oceanside office located at 2424 Vista Way, Suite 201. Dominguez’s legal offices frequently offer informational workshops as well. If you are interested in attending, please call their office for details. 

Coast to Coast Real Estate Investments is also a great place for new agents looking to gain hands-on experience with actual transactions, as opposed to online training or no help from their broker.

Dominguez is always looking to grow her realty team. Those who are interested in either working with or hiring the award-winning, cross-country realtor’s services can call 619-723-3383 or visit for more information.

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