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City wants traffic impacts addressed before large facility breaks ground

OCEANSIDE — Oceanside has a few pressing questions before it approves plans for a 99,500-square-foot Live Well Center and three-story parking garage. 

The proposed county center will be constructed on the northwest corner of Ocean Ranch Boulevard and Maritime Way within the Ocean Ranch Business Park.

City staff has concerns that the projected number of daily vehicle trips generated by the facility will far exceed the number allocated to the parcel. The center is expected to draw 300 staff members and 600 clients each day. The city is asking that traffic impacts be looked at, and mitigated if necessary.

The city had an early opportunity to share its concerns during a preliminary review of the project at a developer’s conference last week.

“The city has expressed concerns to the developer and county regarding traffic,” Deanna Lorson, assistant city manager, said. “Once the developer formally submits their project staff will identify what type of traffic analysis is required, and the appropriate mitigation.”

Staff has also requested a conditional use permit for the project, which ensures further review.

The city will continue to keep a close eye on the build as it proceeds through project submittal and city Planning Commission approval.

Lorson said for now it’s too premature to determine what staff recommendations on the project will be.

Once plans are in, and an environment analysis of the project is completed, the city can determine if the proposed build meets all city criteria. A CEQUA study will give the city further insight into impacts of the project and needed mitigation measures. Lorson said project approval will hinge on needed mitigation measures being met.

Staff also questions the project’s use compatibility within the 400-acre master plan business park. The business park is viewed as a city resource for business development. The proposed facility is service related.

The center will provide Public Assistance, MediCal, Adult Protective Services and other county health and human services. Currently these services are being delivered at the Family Resource Center that operates out of a leased building on Union Plaza Court.

The county is also building a $24 million regional center on a 2.6-acre parcel of county-owned land within the city.

The new North Coast Regional Center will replace the recently demolished facility by the same name.

The former facility on Mission Avenue and Barnes Street was 19,000 square feet. The planned build will be close to double that size at 36,000 square feet.

The project consists of a three-story office building and conference center, and 180 on-site parking spaces. It includes conference rooms, offices, counseling rooms, medical exam and procedure rooms, a lunch room and a kitchen.

The center will provide mental health services, substance abuse counseling, health care, veterans services and a recovery center. Currently the original medical clinic on the property remains in operation during the build.

The project was approved by the County Board of Supervisors in March, and determined to have no traffic or other impacts.