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City upgrades licensing software

CARLSBAD—The city has approved a contract with Tyler Technologies for more than $1 million at a meeting Tuesday, to update the land management and licensing processes software.

The integrated community development system is replacing the system that was installed in 1991.

About 124 city staffers will use the software, said Community Development Services Manager Mike Peterson.

People will also be able to process their business licenses from their offices or homes, according to Peterson, since the processes will be available online.

“All this is an effort to improve our efficiency and transparency and make a better experience for all of our users,” Peterson said at a city council meeting Aug. 26.

Field staff will also be able to use the software out in the field from their tablets and laptops, said Peterson.

The replacement has been in the works since October 2013. The council received six proposals and chose the top three vendors.

This January, a two-day presentation was given to staff by the top three vendors and Tyler Technologies was the clear standout, said Peterson.

The software will also make the permit process less paper intensive.

At the meeting on Aug. 26, city councilmembers expressed their concern of the price tag of maintaining the software, which is about $100,000 a year.

Mayor Matt Hall said he was worried the company would try to renegotiate at the end of the five-year contract for a much higher price.

He told Peterson that the time to negotiate for a good price is before entering the contract, since the company would have leverage for a higher maintenance price tag once the hardware is installed.

As a compromise, the application absorbed three different projects, which saves almost $145,000 over five years on the maintenance budget.

The web-based software will allow the public to schedule inspections online, look into statuses of permits, and do general research, without having to visit the city’s Faraday offices.