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City seeks public input on transit choices

ENCINITAS — The city of Encinitas is currently conducting a transit survey through Oct. 8, to gauge the level of need and community interest in a locally operated shuttle service system.Earlier this year, the city initiated a transit feasibility study. For this project, the city received grant funding in the amount of $100,000 from Caltrans. The primary purpose of the grant-funded study is to analyze the need and economic sustainability of supplementing public transit with a locally operated shuttle service.

The city of Encinitas is currently conducting a citywide survey to determine transit needs. As part of the data collection program, the city will administer electronic and paper surveys to ask questions about trip behavior and what factors would facilitate shuttle or transit use. The surveys will be marketed to as many different demographic groups and community organizations as possible.

Questions include:

— How do you get around the city?

— Do you have alternatives other than a car?

— Would you like more options to gas prices and heavy traffic?

During this two-week period, the surveys will be available online at Hard copies of the survey will also be available at the Community and Senior Center off Balour Drive, City Hall, the Encinitas library, 540 Cornish Drive, and MainStreet offices. Also, staff will be administering the surveys at various times and locations throughout the city such as the at the NCTD Coaster Station and bus transfer station, farmers’ markets, senior and community center, Mira Costa College and local shopping venues.

The consultant will present the results of this survey and other components of the transit study at a Council meeting in early 2014.

Project information is available for review at the Planning and Building Department at 505 S. Vulcan Ave., Encinitas or call (760) 633-2710.