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City Council candidates share views on city development

This is the second part in a series of Q&A’s with Oceanside City Council candidates


By Promise Yee

OCEANSIDE — Oceanside’s downtown redevelopment is underway and large and small businesses are opening shop throughout the city.

City Council candidates Councilman Gary Felien, Charles “Chuck” Lowery, Councilman Jerome Kern, Robert Tran and Dana Corso, share their views on development priorities for North County’s promising jewel.


What has priority — the development of downtown, bringing and keeping large corporations, or bringing and keeping small businesses and small town charm?


Gary Felien:

These goals are not in conflict at all.  The need is to, and is, moving forward on all these fronts simultaneously.

Parts of the city are designed for the needs of large corporations, and others for small businesses.  We can attract both.


Charles “Chuck” Lowery:

City Hall needs a fresh perspective with real world business experience, ready to work with all sides — neighborhoods, local businesses, residents, and large employers — to create jobs for Oceanside residents.

By growing our economy and creating more jobs we can improve quality of life in every neighborhood and strengthen city services, without raising taxes one dime.

I’ll put my business experience to work at City Hall by attracting new industries and supporting our local small businesses.

We need to ensure that small business operators are heard at City Hall and get the support they need to open their doors faster and easier, without a lot of red tape and delays. I’ll get it done.

Of course, we can’t lose sight of the things we love so much here in Oceanside – the small town charm, our homegrown businesses, our beautiful parks and beaches.

We can grow our economy with local businesses and innovative industries, without turning Oceanside into downtown L.A. I won’t let that happen.


Jerry Kern:

Downtown is developing nicely with a mix of large and small businesses.

The hotel projects will bring visitors to Oceanside, who in turn will visit the shops and restaurants owned by our local entrepreneurs.


Robert Tran:

You can have both large corporations and small businesses while keeping the small town charm.

Everyone should have equal opportunity. A company’s worth has little to do with the size of its organization, but rather by what their business culture brings to the community.

We cannot build uninspired business tracts and keep the small town charm. Incorporating traditional and modern styles would allow them to blend in while still having their own identity.


Dana Corso:

What Oceanside residents love most about our city is its beach community charm. Oceanside voters have pleaded with our City Council to protect the character and quality of life for local residents.

We can have both and encourage small businesses and large companies to make their homes here by committing to responsible development, not developing every inch of beachfront property.

The residents of Oceanside want to keep their beach access and not have their views blocked by high-rise buildings.


In the Sept. 19 edition of The Coast News candidates will address the question: What do you see as Oceanside’s No. 1 top priority for the next  four years?



Oside Lizzy September 11, 2014 at 9:51 am

Are these comment made by Corso’s people again. Kern actually has made efforts in improving Oceanside and many of his plans have been helping Oceanside economy. Felien is a coattail of Kern. He needs to go and relies on Kern most of the time. Best city council will have Kern and Robert. Corso you can tell has an ego problem.

Linda Sills September 6, 2014 at 9:30 am

The two candidates who support this large growth do not care about the charm of Oceanside. They care about their power and their “friends” who hand them lots of dollars for campaigning. Someone has indoctrinated them into thinking that homogenizing every city in the region would be a good thing. This ideology comes from Europe, but more specifically the United Nations. Do your research on Agenda 21. Growing up large buildings, and corporations in addition to sprucing up streets and pandering to the “bike” community, will NOT bring money to Oceanside. We need people in our Council who understand this. Dana and Chuck are my choices.

Skeptical September 5, 2014 at 10:43 pm

Kern & Felien give ‘sweetheart deals’ to builders, developers & out-of-town corporate mfg. home park owners, their largest campaign contributors ($27,500 from park owners so far!) In return, they’ve eliminated builders’ fees, increased height requirements for beach-front buildings, stopped requiring desperately needed affordable housing for people who LIVE and WORK HERE. Tried to give public land to private developer at Goat Hill. Hotel projects promised “JOBS,” but those jobs went to workers from Arizona, whose income went back to Arizona, not into Oceanside’s economy. Planned hotel project won’t generate revenue until 15 years from now. VOTERS must decide: do you want high-rise buildings, luxury resorts, private beaches (like Miami!) and LOSE your ocean views, OR do you want responsible PLANNED development & KEEP Oceanside’s natural beauty, beach breaks & charm mixed with new restaurants & businesses? DUMP KERN & FELIEN IN 2014.

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