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City approves Village, Barrio, beach parking plan

CARLSBAD — The final parking management plan for the Village, Barrio and beach areas was approved 3-1 by the City Council on Sept. 26.

The plan will be incorporated into the overall Village and Barrio Master Plan, which will come to the council in the first quarter of 2018. Mayor Matt Hall, meanwhile, recused himself as a property owner in the Village, while Councilwoman Cori Schumacher voted against the plan.

Pam Drew, associate planner for the city, reported to the council the beach area being included as parking in the Village and Barrio could affect beach parking through parking-in-lieu fees. She said parking-in-lieu fees will not be instituted west of the railroad tracks due to a lack of businesses necessary to collect those fees.

Brett Wood, an engineering consultant with Kimley-Horn, said key study findings showed 11,657 parking spaces and that current supply is adequate, but the demand is not balanced and conducted data collection in May and July.

The data, he said, peaked at 54 percent at 7 p.m. on a weekend in July, although one date in May did peak at 70 percent. Still, parking in those areas does not constitute a high level of concern, he said, but managing and adding more spaces would be beneficial. Also, a parking garage is not included as a central location would not be as effective as dozens of spaces sprinkled throughout those areas serving multiple locations.

“There was underutilized parking … as part of the system of parking,” Wood said. “The final takeaway from the analysis … the current supply and future supply that’s planned as part of development is adequate to meet demand if managed properly.”

Residents had many concerns in regards to shuttle or trolley service, meeting needs for the disabled, paid parking, oversized vehicles, too many cars, parking permits and a parking garage among others

Schumacher, the lone no vote, said she couldn’t support the plan due to the absence of a cost benefit analysis and lack of a combination of a garage and parking management plan.

“It has to do with not taking a third way approach, which is the garage and the parking management,” she said. “I don’t see a way forward with funding and a lack of a funding analysis makes me nervous. It seems prudent to me to have at least contemplated a parking garage and parking management plan.”

One unidentified resident noted how the Park 101 restaurant has only one dedicated spot, and due to its popularity, it has created issues. She said there is no area for food delivery trucks and said the city must follow through on the management of parking in the Village and Barrio.

Councilman Michael Schumacher, however, said he thinks there is a perception of a parking problem, minus Park 101, and there are opportunities to maximize parking.

“In looking at the report, there are a lot of really good suggestions and ideas,” he said. “What I took away is we don’t have a parking problem. We have a parking distribution problem, maybe a little bit of a perception problem and a lot of ways to actively manage it, enforcement and things we can do to maximize what we do.”