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There were no directions, but upon tearing open the Pourtable, it was pretty self-explanatory. Photo courtesy of Ryan Woldt
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Cheers! North County: Convenient camp coffee

You hike all day. You have a few local craft brews by the campfire. You look at the stars. You fall asleep snug as a bug in a rug inside your sleeping bag, but it doesn’t last long. The camp pillow isn’t the same as the comfortable one from home, so you start shifting. Raindrops explode like drum beats on the nylon tent roof and the cacophony begins.

As dawn breaks, a nearby rooster — there is always a nearby rooster — starts to crow, waking the campground dogs. Bluebirds chirp. Crows chatter. California quails … I don’t know … quail? Either way you’re awake and you are tired. You need coffee. You need it fast. Enter the Pourtable.

According to Libra Coffee in Oceanside, “Pourtables are single cup brews of premium coffee for those on-the-go. Now you can enjoy fresh, small-batch coffee at the office, in your tent or anywhere else life takes you.”

It’s a good cup of morning camp coffee without the mess, and you’re seeing single-serving coffees infiltrating the shelves at bigger brands like REI and Patagonia stores, but you can often find local versions if you look. My recent Libra Coffee subscription came with a single-serving Columbia to sample. It was packaged in a slim, lightweight, sealed package (important for backpackers). There were no directions, but upon tearing it open it was pretty self-explanatory.

Tear off the top of the filter. Little arms pop out and stretch out over the lip of a camp mug. The pre-ground coffee is suspended over the mug. I slow-poured hot water into the filter cup, and the coffee dripped out the bottom, filling my mug. All done.

The best part, it’s pretty dang good. Mine was well-balanced. I’m guessing a medium roast with notes of dark chocolate and just a hint of sweetness. It was so enjoyable, in part because I didn’t have go through the hassle of grinding the beans or doing any real work, I didn’t even notice the rain clouds rolling in.

If you’re a hiker, camper or just someone who likes to go have a cup of coffee at the beach, the Pourtable is a convenient coffee accessory.

Some North County beer notes:
  • Breweries are now able to be open without having food available. Previous COVID-19 requirements required a food purchase with your on-site beer in order to be open. Many breweries partnered with food trucks, but if a food vendor wasn’t available, they couldn’t open. This is a big change for local brewers. The new rules allow breweries to open for outdoor, on-site beer consumption without food, but with a 90-minute visit time limit, social distancing and masking when not enjoying your beverage.
  • Pure Brewing is continuing its pursuit of world domination by expanding again — this time into Vista. The project includes a 14,000-square-foot facility and a large indoor/outdoor tasting room it hopes to have open for takeaway sales in the next couple of weeks.
  • Carlsbad’s Rouleur Brewing has made a ton of moves recently, including a brand redesign you can see on all beer it has started canning for resale. Now the brewery has announced it is headed south to open a new tasting room with food next to The Observatory concert venue in North Park.
  • Bagby Beer in Oceanside is back open, and for the first time is canning its beers. Not crowlers out of the tap, but 4-packs of 16-ounce cans of some of its core beers, including Absolutely! Amber, Sweet Ride Pale Lager, Worker Bee Golden Ale and a rebrew of its 5th Anniversary beer, What a Time to Be Alive IPA. A fitting name.

Want to know more about Libra Coffee? Do you listen to podcasts? Are you interested in interesting things being done by interesting people in North County San Diego. Be sure to check out this episode of the Roast! West Coast podcast featuring a full interview with Eric Medina, founder of Libra Coffee in Oceanside.

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