Eye on the Coast

Historic Hall house a bone of contention

To destroy or not? During a recent Flower Capital council meeting, direction to staff was to clear the Hall property in preparation for a sports park. Several longtime residents pleaded with the electeds to spare the historic Hall house for eventual use by community folks. Unmoved, the council majority accused speakers of being NIMBYS attempting […]

Report predicts dismal future for satellite wagering

Del Mar in the mix? An online report in the Bloodhorse (Feb. 19, 2010), a national publication based in Kentucky, notes that satellite wagering in the Southland except at Santa Anita and Hollywood Park is facing a critical financial future. All off-site facilities, including Del Mar’s Surfside Race Place, are under the administration of Southern […]

State adds parking fee at C’bad State Beach

Needs more cash Fees, surcharges, value-added taxes or whatever they are called are now the basis of a growing wave of cash that is being extracted from folks who are already hard-pressed to stay afloat in today’s economy. Reason given is that revenue is needed to balance bloated budgets with no mention of cutting back […]

Grant sought for least tern nesting sites

Cooperative effort Fairgrounds staff has filed a grant fund proposal with San Diego Association of Governments to enhance and augment maintenance and monitoring of four least tern areas in the San Dieguito Wetlands Restoration area. And surprise, surprise, this is with the complete support of the San Dieguito River Park JPA, So Cal Edison and […]

Does the Flower Capital need a visitor center?

Worth a study San Diego East Visitors Bureau has cast its lot with San Diego Convention & Visitors Bureau because of its advantages for calling attention to the many attractions in the East County. It raises the question whether the Flower Capital should expand its relation with San Diego North Convention & Visitors Bureau. It […]

They felt your pain and took the pay increase

Layoffs continuexx While some folks were finding pink slips in their envelopes a coppla elected officials said they felt their pain — but took an increased salary. Treasurer-Tax Collector Dan McAllister was given a 3 percent increase to $155,480 from $150,945 and Assessor-Recorder Davis Butler received a 4.5 percent increase from $190,569 to $199,139. Members […]

Orange County Fairgrounds sale under review

Del Mar sale possible? Last year the Governator announced his interest in peddling high-producing state properties to replenish his anemic cash box. Included in a list were the Surfside, Orange and Ventura fairgrounds plus the L.A. Coliseum. Later Del Mar was reported to be off the table. Is it? Politicians have the reputation of saying […]

Why not license bikes for streets & highways?

Bike numbers grow daily How come the Governator hasn’t decided to levy a tax on bikes that are used on highways and byways in increasing numbers? It would certainly benefit the state’s cash-poor till. Bike riders enjoy benefits not available to car operators like buzzing past stop signs without stopping and turning without signaling. The […]

Teen car wrecks causing alarm and need solutions

Too much freedom? Folks are alarmed over the rash of teen fatalities recently. First question is where are the parents who allow their kids to be out after normal hours? A strict curfew would help. Unfortunately those on the books throughout the county aren’t standardized. They should be for easier enforcement. Violators should be placed […]

Christmas trees make great compost

25 million trees discarded According to EDCO’s Environment Times, more than 25 million “fresh cut” trees make a great holiday statement then are discarded. It recommends recycling green garland, wreathes and trees. These can be left at recycling stations where they will be turned into valuable compost. Some communities provide pickup service. Trees should be […]