Small Talk

Know thyself

As I plan the remodel of my kitchen, I have had some sobering epiphanies. Who knew that a home remodel could be a journey to self-knowledge? I may stitch a pillow that reads, “Know your kitchen, know thyself.”

Box of books is a treasure trove

I am so predictable. A box arrives at my school library and I become a kid in a candy shop with an open account.

Watching the world fly by

You knew I would be giddy about the Russian meteorite.

Table for four not easy to come by

Haven’t we all read about the timeless joys and emotional gratification of the family dinner? Whatever else you do, the experts repeat, make sure that your entire family sits down together several nights a week to eat, discuss their day and share their world with you.

Under the microscope

Under the microscope

  In my first year as an elementary school librarian, the time came for the annual book fair. Some determined PTA volunteer handed me a red, curly wig and a dress patterned in stars and planets and said, firmly, “Here. Wear this. You get to be Ms. Frizzle for the book fair!”

To young mothers: It’s all in a name

This bit of cheap advice is for every woman about to give birth. Be very, very thoughtful about what you name your child.

I am one of the proud

Tonight was something new for me and rather special. My political opponents might be a bit surprised, but tonight I had the privilege of dining with and then cheering as my 18-year-old godson went off to Marine boot camp.

I didn’t fear the dentist, until now

What the heck happened here? Dentists used to ask me if I even used my teeth. Apparently, pride goeth before the fall and the dentist’s appointment.

All of these electronics are draining

I have been having dreadful dreams of being neck-deep in bowls of spaghetti pasta, or having to wrestle with herds of octopi.

Siblings do know how to share

Most of the time, I’m delighted my two children are close in age. They get along well, and I’ve been able to hand down jeans, sneakers, sweatshirts and toys. I also got full use from my crib, playpen, high chair, walker, bibs and stroller.