Machel’s Ranch

Let’s find a solution: Let’s find a smile and a value, America

I’m not one to really delve deeply into political debates.  However, lately I have noticed a very nasty trend: Complaining about America. I know. Life isn’t perfect and neither is our nation. With that statement out of the way, there is something to be said about honoring our country and valuing our freedom. There is something to be […]

It was another summer to remember in Rancho Santa Fe

Can you believe that schools starts in Rancho Santa Fe in less than two weeks? As I watch each store pile up more school supplies in their front aisles, it’s apparent the summer sand crystals are washing away with the tide of the season. Most commercials you see on television are bombarding you with last […]

The importance of being earnest in our friendships

Oscar Wilde once said, “A true friend stabs you in the front.”  Originally, I was planning on sharing an over-the-top sappy friendship quote. However, after reading Wilde’s quote, I redirected my thoughts on the subject of friendship. Figuring out the darker shades in our relationships is just as important as highlighting the sunny sides, too. […]

We are truly blessed to be living in America

While many in Rancho Santa Fe celebrated the parade on July 4, I was out of town for the first time in years during this particular weekend. I spent my holiday back in Spirit Lake, Iowa with my family. I know what you are thinking — rows of corn, flat fields and a fly over […]

Remembering Will Norton and finding joy in the Ranch

June gloom seems to be lifting and there have been sunny skies here in Rancho Santa Fe, which has me pondering a story I can’t seem to forget. Do you remember the devastating tornado that hit Joplin, Mo., at the end of May? If you do, then I’m sure you’ve heard of Will Norton. He […]

Great summer reads, and more from around the Ranch

With summer only one week away, I must share with my readers one of my private joys. One that allows me to lighten-up during my own weekly routine: When in doubt, pick up a book and find the ultimate escape at your fingertips. (For you technology savvy individuals like my son, this suggestion can also […]

One year later — still missing a dear friend who died too young

Last year my good friend died in April. Heidi Cruz was only 37 when pancreatic cancer ended her beautiful life. I want to remember her this month and send warm wishes to all of Heidi’s sisters and family members. I had met Heidi from the newspaper business a few years before. Her spirit was fun, […]

Living in the Ranch one of the best ‘presents’ in my life

Twelve years ago I moved from Los Angeles to Rancho Santa Fe. I remember driving down Via de la Valle for the first time toward our new home in the Ranch thinking how beautiful the eucalyptus trees were hanging over the road. I was pregnant with my son and driving this huge U-haul with some of my […]

Out from behind the clouds in Rancho Santa Fe

As I write this, the sun is shining mercilessly outside my window. The weather is glorious. And have you heard? We are officially out of the drought according to the news in March. I know everyone has been moaning about the weather, the clouds, and of course, I list myself in this category, too. But […]

An extra hour of daylight to enjoy local spring activities

Are you excited about daylight saving time? I am. I don’t mind losing that extra hour of sleep if that means I can have more time after work and school to enjoy all of the wonderful events that take place during springtime. Now that spring has officially arrived, make sure you don’t miss out on some […]