Tom Pearson: man in perpetual motion

DEL MAR — Tom Pearson, best known for the fact he is the city’s only five-term mayor, was recently honored by the county Board of Supervisors when it unanimously declared Feb. 27, 2009, to be Tom Pearson Day throughout the county. The former mayor was in the supervisors’ chambers to receive the colorful proclamation. Pearson […]

Del Mar racing fans used to go to church on Sundays

DEL MAR — The race track will be dark on Mondays pending an OK from the California Horse Racing Board and it’s a 6-5 bet that it will do so. In its earlier seasons, Del Mar did not race on Sundays. As a matter of fact, there was no horse racing on the Sabbath in […]

Fairgrounds stimulus plan tapped out

DEL MAR — In the 1930s during the Great Depression, the feds established the Work Progress Administration, or WPA, to put men to work under the National Recovery Act, or NRA. The village was designated as one of the recipients of the free lucre. The first project was the construction of street gutters mostly east […]

Political campaigns — from the village to Washington

DEL MAR — Marti and Peter Kaye are living a less stressful, more sedate life in the city compared to earlier eras when Peter was pumping all his energy into state and national political campaigns during the l960s and 1970s. An award-winning journalist by profession and a registered Democrat early on, it was his friendship […]

Fletcher surname prominent in village history

DEL MAR — The Fletcher surname has been well-regarded in the city’s history —even for decades before Col. Ed Fletcher, then a state senator, deeded to the area what is known today as the San Diego County Fair. Now the fair is eighth largest in North America and sixth largest in the country. Prior to […]

Del Mar residents warming to cityhood celebration

DEL MAR — Observance in July of the city as a self-governed community is drawing increased interest. One question being asked is whether it has always been known as Del Mar. It has been since Theodore Loop came on the scene. Previous to that, it was part of the township of Weed. In the 1850s, […]

Looking to bring back paper delivery boys

DEL MAR — Every day there is a story about papers (you can’t call ‘em newspapers anymore) tanking because of the high cost of getting them to you. Not too many decades ago there used to be paper boys (no girls in this business) that delivered your paper seven days a week, rain or shine, […]

The many lanes in the village

DEL MAR — There are a raft of designated lanes in the village such as Corousel, Heather, Maiden, Parish and Shippey. Each one has its own significance no doubt. Shippey Lane was named for humble and popular Los Angeles Times columnist, Lee Shippey. His homey writings, “Lee Side O’ L.A”, appeared regularly in the 1930s […]

The great train wreck of 1941

DEL MAR —A long time ago the big news in Southern California on New Year’s Day was about the Tournament of Roses Parade and the football game in Pasadena. In 1941, the subject had an entirely different slant. It was about a train wreck New Year’s Eve in the village. A northbound freight train had […]

It was OK to sing ‘Silent Night’ in school

DEL MAR — December is remembered by folks who attended elementary school in the building that is now City Hall as the month of great preparation for the annual Christmas program that culminated with each student receiving a shiny silver dollar. During the depression this would be the only gift some of the kids would […]