Eye on the Coast

Media is now a newsmaker as conveyor

Changing times Usta be the media just reported the news, now it frequently makes the news. In Honolulu listeners were greatly concerned when two news TV stations decided to share a single newsroom but asserted their coverage would remain independent. The Evening Tribune and San Diego Union for years operated on the same floor of […]

Sometimes ‘freebies’ not as free as they seem

Sad local situation When you win a car, a lotta cash or receive an Extreme Makeover of your house, there are indirect costs involved. In a home remodel the property value goes up. And if you win cash or upscale merchandise, Uncle Sam expects a piece of the action. Barbara Cobb forwarded a Channel 10 […]

Hungry coyotes stalking small animals

Poodle snatched Community Connections, the Surfside City’s very active nonprofit organization, has issued an alert to small animal owners. It reports coyotes have become overly aggressive and recently invaded a resident’s backyard and snatched a poodle in the presence of the horrified owners. Residences that border on canyons experience frequent visits from all sort of […]

College students face higher tuition fees

Increases due next fall State college students are faced with higher tuition fees next fall. An increase of $2,500 bux, or 32 percent higher than present, is a major consideration. In L.A, where the Board of Regents met to vote on the tuition increase, gendarmes surrounded the building at UCLA to keep protesters from invading […]

Task force recommendation causing concern

Kelp beds off limits? A blue ribbon state task force has made thorny recommendations to the Cal Fish & Game Commission that are causing a lotta conversation over the possible negative impact to O’side Harbor and kelp beds off the Flower Capital coast line. The five-member panel has suggested the beds become lobster and marine […]

Multibillion dollar water bond measure on ballot

Tops rail bond vote In the 2008 November election, voters approved a $9.9 bil. bond to finance a high-speed rail system. It’s no surprise that the Sacto money spenders are back this time with an $11.1 bil. water bond. No question that water distribution throughout the once Golden State needs fixin’. What is irritating, however, […]

No hi-fives over Charger stadium possibility

Not in our backyard Local fans aren’t happy about the possibility the Chargers may pack their gear and relocate in the City of Industry — 18 miles east of downtown L.A. Well, residents in that area aren’t too enthused about the Bolts or any other pro team becoming their neighbor. Zillionaire (give or take a […]

DUI prevention program may be coming south

Pilot project in L.A. County According to an L.A. Times story, folks in L.A. County who have been convicted of driving while pie eyed will have to install a blood alcohol measuring device on the cars they drive and will have to blow into it when getting behind the wheel. If it detects alcohol the […]

Fire department mergers positive move

Lotsa benefits Consolidating major features of the fire departments of the Surfside City, Solbeach, Rancho Santa Fe and the Flower Capital is a positive move. In addition to sharing costs (eliminating some) and benefiting from personnel expertise, a big plus will come during an emergency when this cohesion will be extremely valuable. Several years ago […]

Leucadia streetscape creating a lotta interest

Talk of the town Roundabouts, trees and a one-lane highway north on 101. Whatever. Judging from the chatter in the java joints and steetscape meetings it’s the No. 1 topic of conversation in Leucadia. However, one can’t forget the dismal results of the Cardiff-by-the-Sea specific plan that is yet to see the light. In 2001 […]