Baby Boomer Peace

Living on a pauper’s budget in paradise

Today is my 26th day of being in Puerto Vallarta. The first day I stood in my condo and asked myself, “What am I doing here?”

In Mexico, even the skies can be art-filled wonders

I’m sitting on my balcony on the seventh floor of my condo building. It’s 11 p.m. and I gaze out over the Bahia de Banderas to old town Puerto Vallarta as a solid KGB-style light show goes off. I’m not privy to the music but I am treated to15 minutes of spectacular sky art.

Boomers are a welcome group in Mexico

I am wrapping things up for the next month or so. I even got my tax returns done early this year. I’m headed south for about 30 days this time. It’s time again to see what’s going on down on the Bay of Banderas with the other part timers. I left this morning at 5:30 […]

Despite reports, Mexico is safe

As a Boomer, I long for the innocence and simplicity of the 1950s. Recently I wrote about how unfair it was for the State Department to issue a travel advisory for Mexico, have it broadcast on every major network and cable news program and plastered hourly on radio news on every channel. The warning stressed […]

With spring near, maybe it’s time for a vacation

I’m in that spring mood. I can feel it getting closer. Vacation time is near. We’ll have some late winter-early spring storms and of course it will be cloudy on Easter Morning for sunrise service. But soon we’ll feel that Ahhhh feeling of being free. At least I hope so.

Learning to live on a boomer’s budget

I spent three weeks in Puerto Vallarta. It started the day before New Year’s Eve. I loved it. I got back to Encinitas at the end of January. It was cold. It rained the day after coming home. But since then we’ve had that glorious San Diego weather that everyone comes here for.

Mexico is safer than it’s made out to be in the news

I have that seriously bummed feeling creeping in. I’m flying home to Encinitas.  That will conclude three weeks in my second home in Puerto Vallarta.  Our first contest winners, Dean and Sue Henningsen, are coming in to use my condo for a week and then my place is rented until mid February.

New Year’s Eve adventures in Puerto Vallarta

Here I sit on New Year’s Day 2012. It’s evening and I’m bushed. I just got back from a sports bar called Toritos where I ate good food and watched the Chargers take out the Raiders. Stupid Chargers. I’ve agonized over them since 1961. Ackkkkk. Anyway, I arrived here in Puerto Vallarta on Dec. 30. […]

Both the birds and I fly south for the winter

I’m finally going back to my Puerto Vallarta condo for a while. I will be able to spend New Year’s Eve there. Everyone says it’s pretty spectacular as to the fireworks in Banderas Bay as well as the hordes of visitors enjoying all that a paradise can offer.

Coping with the yins and the yangs of life

I love riding waves. I always have. The problem is as in life itself, there are a yin and a yang to surfing. The yin is the penultimate of riding deep inside the curl and being shot out the other side as if by an unnatural force.  The yang is the sure possibility of never coming out […]