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Pictured next to the new green trash carts Carlsbad residents will be using, is a black trash can, which is the typical type of trash can used for weekly service pickups. Courtesy photo

Carlsbad residents to get new trash service

CARLSBAD — In the summertime, Carlsbad residents will see the effects of a new trash contract that City Council unanimously approved. Like its neighboring cities, Carlsbad will now take part in an automated system, which intends to be more handy for its residents and eco-friendly.Depending on the size trashcan a resident chooses, the city’s updated contract with Waste Management could either increase a monthly rate at roughly a $1 per month or decrease it $0.75. The price change and new service will take place July 1, and according to city numbers, their trash service rates will still remain some of the lowest in San Diego County.

“Waste Management and Allied Waste Services (Palomar Transfer Station) worked together to ensure that they would be able to meet the city’s request for new enhanced services while keeping rates for both residential and commercial customers as low as possible,” said Christine Ruess, senior management analyst at the city of Carlsbad.

The trash cans, equipped with heavy duty wheels and attached lids, will be available in a 35 gallon size for a monthly fee of $18.02 or a 64 or 96 gallon size for $19.90.

“The rate residents pay will depend on the size of the trash cart selected and residents will be able to select up to three recycling carts and three green waste carts at no additional cost,” she said, adding that the two crates used for recycling paper and glass will be replaced.

This “single stream recycling” process will be less time-consuming for residents, and more than likely, improve recycling rates.

Ruess said that the city anticipates a significant increase in the amount of material that gets recycled. While this will aid in less trash going to the landfills, it will also help the city stay on track with increased recycling regulations.

“Under the new service, residents will no longer have to wait for specified dates to have their old appliances, furniture and other bulky items picked up,” Ruess said. “Instead, residents can make up to three appointments a year for Waste Management to come to their homes for free and collect up to five bulky or electronic waste items.”

Additionally, within the first three years of the contract, a new fleet of natural gas automated collection trash trucks will be purchased. The new vehicles, Ruess said, will reduce demand on imported fuel supplies and reduce the emissions associated with conventional diesel engines.

City staff believes the new trash cans will benefit the community. The wheels will allow for an easier roundtrip transport for curbside pickup, while the attached lids will help keep the inside material enclosed.

In the next couple of months, residents will receive a mailing from Waste Management. They will work with residents who want to recycle their current trash cans and crates right after the new trash service starts.

“The information packet will provide information on the upcoming automation of the collection services, the planned process for cart distribution, and available cart sizes,” Ruess said. “The packet will also provide information to assist residents in the selection of carts.”

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Jim March 30, 2012 at 11:17 pm

I just received the mailer. It’s a good start but it does not answer my questions.

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