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Carlsbad Planning Commission has 2 vacancies

CARLSBAD — Two vacancies are open on the city’s Planning Commission.

One of the most high profile appointments in the city, the Planning Commission is responsible for decisions regarding development projects from residential, commercial and industrial developers fitting within the city’s guidelines and ordinances.

The two commissioners whose seats are up are Patrick Goyarts and Kerry Siekmann. Goyarts is the director of Global Sales Operations for CalAmp, while Siekmann is an intervenor at the California Energy Commission. According to Carlsbad City Clerk Sheila Cobian, both commissioners have announced they will not seek reappointment to the commission.

The commission is responsible for conforming to the Carlsbad Village and Barrio Master Plan, General Plan and ensuring all projects before meet all city and state guidelines and applicable laws.

The commission, though, does not conform to the general plan “regarding real property acquired by dedication or otherwise for street, square, park or other public purposes, the disposition of real property, vacated or abandoned streets, and the construction or authorization of a public building or structure.,” according to the Carlsbad municipal code.

Additionally, the commission is not responsible for general plan consistency findings “for the list of proposed public works recommended for planning, initiation or construction during the ensuing fiscal year for the city’s capital improvement program.”

Those responsibilities are for the City Council, which will determine the consistency with the general plan when approving the aforementioned circumstances.

Interested parties may file applications through the city clerk and must be submitted on or before noon on Feb. 19. Members must be Carlsbad residents and be able to serve a four-year term. Commissioners may also serve a maximum of two consecutive four-year terms.

Applicants are appointed by a majority vote by the City Council and the appointments are scheduled for the Feb. 27 City Council meeting, with the terms beginning in April.