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Carlsbad City Council filing opens July 13

CARLSBAD — At least four candidates have emerged for the last of the city’s newly formed district elections for a seat on the City Council.

In November, voters in districts 2 and 4 will mail-in or head to the polls to decide who will represent those areas of the city. And the filing period opens July 13, according to Carlsbad City Clerk Services Manager Sheila Cobian.

While the four — Maria Teresa Acosta (she goes by Teresa), Keith Blackburn, Lela Panagides and Phil Urbina — have announced and started raising money, Cobian said the city is encouraging others to run as well.

“There’s a checklist of about seven things they’ll need to bring back,” she said, “but we’ll go over everything with them in a candidate handbook.”

First and foremost, candidates must call and make an appointment with the City Clerk’s office, Cobian said. From there, city staff will walk through the process, which includes nomination forms.

The nomination papers must be signed by 20 residents in the candidates’ respective districts. Cobian recommends 30, just to be safe, as many residents are still unaware of the district boundaries. The signatures will then be verified by the San Diego County Registrar of Voters.

Candidates must also pay $25 for the filing fee, and if they so choose, $1,000 for 200 words for a statement of qualification in the Sample Ballot and Voter Information Pamphlet, which is sent to all registered voters in those districts by the ROV, Cobian said.

The filing deadline, meanwhile, is Aug. 7. Additionally, campaign signage cannot go up, whether it’s on a residential or public property, until 30 days before the Nov. 3 election.

“We are completing the district transition, so technically there is no incumbent,” Cobian said.

As for who’s already announced, Blackburn and Panagides are running for the District 2 seat. Blackburn, who won in 2016 in the last at-large City Council race, was first elected in 2008. In District 4, Acosta and Urbina are each running for public office for the first time. However, all four have begun raising funds for their campaigns.

Blackburn has racked up the largest war chest as his ending cash balance as of July 2019 through December 2019 reporting period totals $154,391.18. He raised $12,795 for the period.

Pangaides, meanwhile, raised $11,664.21 and has a $7,454.38 ending cash balance as of her financial disclosure form for 2019.

Urbina, meanwhile, has raised a total of $43,479.88 since last year, including $16,770.53 for the January through June reporting timeframe and $26,350.33 cash balance. Acosta raised $7,862.76 in 2019 with a $5,350 cash balance.

Acosta, Blackburn and Pangaides, though, have not filed their financial disclosure forms for the January through June period, but have until the end of July to file those with the city.

To make an appointment, call the City Clerk’s office at 760-434-2808.

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Lowell July 10, 2020 at 7:41 am

Anyone interested in seeing specifically where the money is coming from for each candidate can go to the city’s website and search it. Go to then click on City Hall then Open Government then Financial Disclosures then Campaign Finance. It’s very enlightening.

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