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Carlsbad-based health and wellness author Lisa Nordquist just won a silver medal for her e-book, Love Yourself Fit. Courtesy photo

Carlsbad author takes different approach to wellness

CARLSBAD—Carlsbad resident Lisa Nordquist said she struggled with her weight all her life.

After earning a degree in psychology, something finally clicked for the North County native.

“I just went into the behavior part of it for me which I feel is not really addressed,” said Nordquist. “I thought it was physical but it’s really mental.”

She lost 40 pounds and dedicated her life to inspiring others to make behavioral changes.

The result is her e-book, Love Yourself Fit, which was just awarded a silver medal by Dan Poynter’s Global E-books.

Nordquist said the hardest part of her weight loss journey was changing her behavior.

She said she was frustrated with the typical weight loss plans, which outline a specific plan, but don’t address underlying issues, like emotional eating.

Now, she said, she nourishes herself in other ways like a phone call to a friend or a good book.

During a recent interview Nordquist stressed the importance of “exercise snacking,” which is trying something new for 10 minutes at a time because it’s less intimidating and it’s a great time management tool.

In doing so, she said, it will lead to change over time.

“Ten minutes a day is better than zero minutes a day,” she said. The goal is to find an exercise that is enjoyable.

“Over time, (exercise) is like a marriage, I’ve got to like it,” she said.

The major obstacle she sees women struggle with is not making time for themselves.

“Time and time again, I see- for women specifically- that they don’t take time for themselves and they think it has to be an hour at the gym, full shower and makeup, and go on a major diet change to see the difference,” said Nordquist.

“I say the opposite is true. Throwing a handful of spinach into your pasta is going to be better than no greens.”

Another tip she gives to her readers is to follow the 80/20 rule in which 80 percent of the time “you eat really stellar food,” said Nordquist.

As for the other 20 percent?

“You let yourself eat crap,” she laughed.

On the “stellar” days, Nordquist encourages clean eating and saving treats in the freezer for cheat days.
Nordquist said she finds inspiration in North County because of all the outdoor possibilities to get active.

“North County is a fabulous place to live and be active,” said Nordquist.

She encourages her clients to get outside to form an emotional connection to exercise, whether it be a run on the beach or stand up paddle boarding in a lagoon.

“It calls you to move,” she said of the ocean.

She offers classes to encourage healthy eating and to nourish the mind body connection.
Her next class sessions start October 6 and more information is available on her website at

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