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Career Day helps students look to the future

OCEANSIDE — Career Day at Del Rio Elementary School gave kindergarten through fifth-grade students a hands-on look at possible future careers.
Horns blasted and sirens sounded to the delight of students who toured police cars, tow trucks and fire engines. Professionals from park and recreation leaders, to nurses and whale trainers also shared what they do at work.
“It’s their favorite day of the year,” Ann Zivotsky, fifth grade teacher, said.
One of the kid’s favorite speakers is the tow truck driver Zivotsky said. “Anything with equipment,” she added.
Students watched as S&R Towing driver Dave Brown raised a cooler up and down on the tow truck pulley and then invited kids to pile on the flatbed and hang on as he tilted the bed up in a final demonstration.
Many speakers emphasized the importance of reading, writing and math in their day-to-day work. In a traffic collision police officers use math to calculate vehicle angles and skid mark tracks, Officer JR Ferrer said.
Misconceptions were also cleared up. “Only a small percent of what we do is chasing bad guys,” Ferrer said. He went on to explain police officers’ role in ensuring public safety and gave students tips on safe bike riding. Then he passed out a few bike helmets.
Teachers said they like the community connection that the Career Day speakers brought to the classroom. “These are local people,” Bill Joolingen, fifth grade teacher, said. “They live and work here.”
After a day of hearing about various careers, students were bubbling with ideas of what job they might like to work at when they grow up. Some said they would like to be hairdressers, others said nurses, or professional wrestlers.
Joolingen said he hopes his students will hold onto their dreams of what they can become and go forward to be their best.