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Can your brain be defragged and rebalanced?

Do you sometimes feel like you’re just “off” and not functioning at your best?

It’s safe to say we all have those moments or seasons in life when we’re not our best selves, we’re struggling or stuck in a rut, or we’re not reaching our goals.

At some point, we come face to face with our physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual issues that prevent us from becoming all we can be. Some challenges we are born with, while others are put upon us by life circumstances and dramas, even things like the recent COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent stay-at-home orders. Life does and will hit hard.

Six years ago, Bruce (Buck) A. McDavid was introduced to NeurOptimal® Dynamical Neurofeedback®.

It sounds like a mouthful, but it changed his life. McDavid, a veteran, had a degree in physics and owned his own company. For over 30 years, he was drawn to mentoring individuals and helping them through personal crises. Determined to follow his passions, he pursued a master’s degree in counseling psychology.

After completing his internship, McDavid, or Buck as he likes to be called, decided to forgo psychotherapy licensing, and identified with being a Life Coach. As such, Buck combines his academic knowledge, personal/ professional life skills and experiences, practical wisdom, and intuition to assist his clients.

An important tool in this process has been the NeurOptimal® brain training system. For Buck, NeurOptimal® caused him to become more grounded, centered, and focused, resulting in a synergy and integration between his brain and heart.

Neurofeedback has been effectively used for over 40 years to optimize the brain, which controls emotions and behaviors. Neurofeedback is considered a gentle, painless, and non-invasive method of restoring balance within our complex but intrinsically intelligent central nervous system. NeurOptimal® is an evolutionary neurofeedback system designed by Ph.D. Clinical Psychologists in 1996 that monitors your brain’s electrical output and mirrors it back to your brain in a way that allows your central nervous system to make corrections and optimize itself.

Nothing is put into your brain – no electricity; no strong frequency, vibration, light, or sound – but there are life-enhancing results (U.S. Food & Drug Administration designated NeurOptimal® a General Wellness Product). NeurOptimal® is safe for all ages: infants, children, adults, seniors, and the elderly.

Why do we need this tool? As life hits hard, and it has with the consequences of the recent pandemic, our brain isn’t always able to respond well or quickly. Our brain, which naturally wants to function optimally, will repeat the same pattern and story. Sometimes these “pathways” don’t serve us well and turn into behavioral and cognitive problems such as excessive worry, anxious thoughts, an inability to flexibly move through thoughts or daily tasks, disruptions of sleep/mood patterns, erosion of relationships, and deterioration of cognitive or physical performance.

These problems, along with the “mental/emotional pebbles” we’ve collected in our shoes during our life journey cause us to limp and live life in “quiet desperation.” NeurOptimal® helps your brain shed unhelpful life patterns and organize itself to be resilient and flexible.

Wherever you are in life, whether you are young or old, successful or struggling, need some fine tuning and direction in your life, or help with healing from past traumas, Buck walks alongside individuals, helping them find new solutions.

His clients report that they become feeling more wholesome, grounded, focused, and centered with their heart and brain reconnected.

Call Buck to make an appointment for an initial no cost assessment & neurofeedback session at 760-715-3875.