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A 20-minute commercial loaning zone will be added to Pier View Way in July. It will accommodate deliveries in the growing downtown area. Photo by Promise Yee
A 20-minute commercial loaning zone will be added to Pier View Way in July. It will accommodate deliveries in the growing downtown area. Photo by Promise Yee
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Business-friendly zone to be striped in downtown

OCEANSIDE — City Council approved adding a 20-minute commercial loading zone to Pier View Way just east of Artists Alley on June 26. 

City Traffic Engineer David DiPierro said this might be the first designated commercial loading zone put in the growing downtown area.

The request to add the loading zone was made by Sherry Shelton, owner of Seaside Flowers, who opened up her business on Artists Alley in June. Shelton’s business receives daily flower deliveries and makes daily deliveries to customers.

“I load and unload deliveries of flowers every day,” Shelton said. “They’re very fragile.”

Dropping off and picking up deliveries is difficult because the alley is designated as a pedestrian walkway and bollards block vehicles from entering.

DiPierro said delivery trucks currently find it difficult to locate a nearby parking space on Pier View Way and often double park and block traffic.

He added the commercial loading zone would benefit the flower shop and Breakfast Club Diner located on the same block, which also receives frequent deliveries.

“Trucks are double parking because there’s no location to pull in,” DiPierro said. “Overall it helps businesses in the area get truck deliveries.”

Tom Agayer, owner of Oceanside Gear gift shop, said he is pleased a designated loading zone is being painted east of his storefront on Pier View Way. His store is located adjacent to Artists Alley. Agayer said delivery trucks used to idle in front of his store, spilling out fumes and blocking the view, until he asked them to park on the east side of the alleyway. Now a loading zone will clearly designate the area delivery trucks should park.

The 200 block of Coast Highway 101 houses an assortment of electronic shops, a jewelry store, and cigar grotto in addition to the gift shop, restaurant and new flower shop.

“All the businesses are small operations that are community oriented,” Shelton said.

Shelton is better know as the “flower lady” by customers why have bought flowers from her at her former location on Coast Highway 101 where she operated her business out of a gazebo for 20 years.

She said she has seen customers through purchasing their first corsage, to choosing their wedding flowers, and buying their daughter’s corsage for a father/daughter dance.

Shelton said she is overjoyed to relocate her business to the new location and have a roof and walls to protect the flowers from the weather. She specializes in orchids and now carries orchid plants and handmade gift items.

She said she hopes her flower shop will help bring the once-vibrant Artists Alley “back to life.” And added Oceanside police have been diligent about “cleaning up” the alleyway by reminding loiterers who might discourage shoppers to move along.

The only loss in adding the commercial loading zone to Pier View Way will be two less on-street parking spaces. DiPierro said there is plenty of parking across the street at the multi-level Civic Center parking structure.

DiPierro said the delivery zone would be marked with a yellow painted curb by mid-July and designated for commercial vehicle use Monday through Saturday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.