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Litter removal and construction site maintenance is a priority for the Build NCC construction team. Courtesy photo
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Build NCC, Caltrans and SANDAG joint litter cleanup effort

Driving along Interstate 5 (I-5) in Encinitas and Carlsbad, you may have seen Caltrans and SANDAG Build North Coast Corridor (NCC) crews picking up trash, discarded items, and other roadside debris. 

Litter removal and construction site maintenance is a priority for the Build NCC construction team and part of an active, countywide effort to ramp up litter removal on all state highways.

Litter removal is critical because these items can wash into storm drains, pollute our waterways, and end up in the ocean. In fact, the Build NCC contractor sets aside time every single week to clean up accumulated trash along the freeway shoulders, median, and interchange on- and off-ramps.

However, it is a never-ending job. In 2019 alone, Caltrans collected 287,000 cubic yards of litter statewide – enough to fill 18,000 garbage trucks – and up to $12 million is spent annually on litter removal and clean up in San Diego communities. Caltrans and SANDAG Build NCC construction crews would like to remind the traveling public of their unified commitment to keep our corridor and communities clean and litter free.

“Together, Caltrans and SANDAG have a shared obligation to protect and preserve sensitive environmental habitats and resources along the coast, and we need the public to help,” said Allan Kosup, Caltrans I-5 Corridor Director. “Please remember to dispose of all trash into waste receptacles, cover and properly secure loads before travel, and also consider adopting a highway to actively partner in this continuous effort.”

Members of the public play an important role in supporting this effort and keeping our communities’ litter-free. By raising awareness and reminding fellow motorists to follow these guidelines, you can help make a positive impact on the state’s litter removal campaign and resources can be allocated toward other important highway maintenance activities such as fixing potholes.

If interested in learning about more ways to get involved, the Caltrans Adopt-A-Highway program provides an opportunity for individuals, organizations, and businesses to help maintain sections of the state highways. This program can be a great way to build community pride and ownership within an organization or company. More information on becoming an Adopt-A-Highway volunteer may be found on the Caltrans’ Division of Maintenance Adopt-A-Highway Program pages.

In addition, please remember to “Drive 55 on the 5” in the Build NCC construction zone and that traffic fines are doubled in construction zones. Motorists also must Be Work Zone Alert, Move Over a lane when safe to do so, slow down and do not enter construction zones. 

Thank you for your continued support and patience as we deliver highway, environmental, bike and pedestrian improvements to the North Coast Corridor. For more information, please visit