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Owner Gary Spicer with his family. Locally owned and operated, Breeze Screens delivers world-class, quality door and window screens to protect your family while also providing unobtrusive views of the outdoors. Courtesy photo
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Breeze Screens: North County’s screen experts

Catching a nice, San Diegan spring breeze from the security of your own home has never been easier and safer than with Breeze Mobile Door & Window Screens.

Locally family owned and operated, Breeze Screens delivers world-class, quality door and window screens to protect your family while also providing unobtrusive views of the outdoors.  “One thing that really sets us aside from competitors is the products we use, owner, Gary Spicer said. “The products we use are the best products available in the industry.”

These great products installed by Breeze Screens are 100% American made.  Almost all the products Breeze Screens installs support local businesses since they are manufactured in either San Diego or Los Angeles.

Breeze Screens employees have specialty expertise installing all types of screen doors, security doors, retractable screens, window screens, and heat reduction screens.  They install door and window screens in your home, working from socially distanced positions and with the proper equipment to keep you safe.

Breeze Screens offers four different types of beautiful screen doors that are made to protect and provide aesthetically pleasing doors to enhance the home’s look. They install standard sliding screen doors; hinged swinging screen front or back doors; retractable / invisible screens and Security screen doors. 

Breeze Screens offers Security Doors made from heavy-duty, extruded aluminum for strength and lasting beauty. These doors have the highest quality powder coated finishes available in 10 colors that outlast liquid painted finishes, are custom designed with rust prevention and do not rattle, The door comes with a heavy-duty, three-point locking system to deliver the ultimate protection against forced entry.  “With the Vista Security Door, you can see through the screen like there’s practically no screen there, but the screen is actually stronger than any iron or aluminum security door on the market because it is made from high-tensile stainless steel,” Spicer said. “It is virtually impenetrable.”

In line with the company’s desire to offer only the best products on the market, Breeze Screens exclusively installs the two best brands of retractable/invisible screens:  Phantom and ClearView.  These are both fantastic manufacturers who build beautiful retractable screens that work very smoothly.  They both come with lifetime warranties on everything except screen mesh ripped by the customer. These doors are also custom made per customer with 14 colors to choose from.

All of their swinging doors and sliding screen doors are manufactured by Active Window Products, based out of Los Angeles. They are made from heavy aluminum, are screened with the highest quality and longest lasting screen mesh, they come with a self-closing feature, are custom made to fit nearly any door frame, can be configured to double or French style openings, and come in 7 different colors.

Breeze Screens has three trucks to dispatch throughout San Diego County, cutting your wait time for a home appointment. “Instead of having a three-week or more wait time during the peak summer season, we can generally get to our customers in less than two weeks” Spicer said.

To schedule an installation of your very own beautiful, new screen door or window screens, call Breeze Mobile Door & Window Screens at 858-94-DOORS (858-943-6677).

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