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Breeze Mobile Door & Window Screens: Mission is clear

At Breeze Mobile Door & Window Screens, their mission is to provide excellent and honest service for door and window screen installation or repair so that homeowners can enjoy fresh air and clear views throughout their homes. The latest in construction and designs of security doors, swinging screen doors, sliding patio screen doors and window screens are used to fulfill this mission.

The company prides itself in providing the best quality American Made products and top-notch customer service for our community. Owner Gary Spicer explains, “There are four types of screen doors we specialize in: Impenetrable Security screen doors, Retractable or “Invisible” screen doors, Swinging screen doors, and screen doors with Pet Doors built into them.”

Breeze Mobile Screens infuses their own family values to create a pleasant, safe, efficient and trustworthy service experience. They treat customers like friends and family, providing detailed service with a smile.

“We pride our company on its very personalized customer service,” says Spicer. “I am the owner/operator and I am also the main installer and enjoy working directly with each of my customers.”

The company provides custom-sized installation and repair of all types of screen doors and window screens directly at your home or business. They also provide custom made and installed window screens for casement windows, double or single hung windows and sliding screen doors.

“We specialize in all types of screen and security screen doors.  Today we are seeing a lot of business from customers replacing the common, outdated steel security doors. These doors have bars, rust, and are difficult to see through. Today’s modern security doors add beauty to a home and have the same look as custom front screen doors,” explains Spicer. “The modern doors have been tested against sledgehammers and other devices intruders might use to break in. They are largely impenetrable, while also looking really beautiful and giving a clear view to the outside.”

Many customers also have older screen doors and window screens that were built with  low quality or outdated materials. These screens fade and corrode faster, leaving an unpleasant looking or damaged screen that allows pests in or limits the view outside. Breeze Mobile Screens features products with upgraded specialty fabrics and frames that will last longer and save the homeowner on future repairs and replacement.

Breeze Mobile Screens uses higher grade, more durable and recyclable materials for custom and replacement screens than many of their competitors.  They use American Made products and superior quality screen mesh that is a 18×14 material. This doesn’t cost the customer more and means extended durability and better value.

Customers can choose from a wide selection of screen fabrics depending on their needs. Choices include sun control screen to reduce 80% of the heat coming into the home, pet-proof screens which animals cannot get through, golf ball protection screens, and metal security screens – all products to keep your home cooler, keep pets from entering or exiting, and keep out intruders. Breeze Mobile Screens carries products to keep you and your family safe and comfortable for years to come.

For more information please call us at (858) 94 – DOORS (36677) or visit our website at