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The Futon Shop is making facemasks out of the same organic material it uses to make sofas and mattresses. Courtesy photo
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Breathe better with organically made facemasks

When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, The Futon Shop has been ahead of the game by making beds and sofas with organic materials to provide a healthier, cleaner rest without breathing in harmful materials from synthetic fabrics.

After the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the business began making facemasks out of the same organic material it used to make sofas and mattresses.

“The main thing about my masks that makes them different from other masks I the quality of my materials are superior,” said Sue Diamond, founder and CEO of The Futon Shop.

Diamond’s organic materials are healthier than the average synthetic material because they lack certain harmful chemicals that those synthetic materials send into the home’s air.

Diamond uses materials to make mattresses, sofas and now facemasks that are not only healthier for individuals but also for the environment as well.

“Those blue polyester disposable facemasks take about 100,000 year to be absorbed and broken down,” Diamond said. “They’re not biodegradable in any way.”

Diamond features a variety of masks made with different organic materials.

Her organic cotton facemasks include a double-layered barrier fabric with a tight weave of fine certified organic cotton yarn into the fabric.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the medical grade N95 masks filter out at least 95% of airborne particles based on tests under National Institute of Health standards. Though the Futon Shop’s organic cotton facemasks are not medical grade, they were tested under the same standards and found to be up to 88% effective at filtering out airborne particles including viruses.

The Futon Shop also sells a copper-infused organic cotton barrier facemasks. The masks have 17% copper infused into threads woven into a soft, knitted fabric layer.

Copper is known for its ability to stop and kill bacteria growth and other infectious pathogens.

The copper infused facemasks also include the same tightly woven, organic cotton barrier fabric as the previous type of mask.

The Futon Shop also makes and sells organic cotton and silk facemasks, which feature tightly woven cotton that prevents particles from passing through gaps in the fibers while the silk provides an electrostatic charge that traps particles.

Silk is effective for preventing microscopic particles from passing through its material. It’s also the most lightweight fabric and more absorbent than cotton, making it perfect to wear on hotter days.

Another type of mask is the natural copper and silver infused facemasks, which utilize advanced ion infusion technology that has powerful anti-microbial properties even after multiple washings. Its copper and silver infused fabrics have been shown to eliminate 50% of MRSA bacteria on contact, 85% in the first hour, and 99.9% in 24 hours as it continuously self sanitizes.

Diamond said the business has sold over 200,000 facemasks with a current weekly average of about 10,000 facemasks.

The shop has also donated thousands of masks as well.

To purchase facemasks from the Futon Shop, visit its regional store in San Marcos or visit