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Brain training system optimizes brain functioning, improving focus and well-being

Most of us periodically suffer from physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual issues that prevent us from reaching our full potential. While some challenges we are born with, others cascade from life circumstances and situations like the recent COVID-19 outbreak, subsequent stay-at-home orders,  and economic hardships. We often face unexpected problems in life that can create unanticipated havoc and anxiety.

Bruce (Buck) A. McDavid’s program has helped many of his clients caught in these quagmires bounce back and retool their thinking through his NeurOptimal® Dynamical Neurofeedback® System.  The utilization of neurofeedback employs a gentle, painless and non-invasive method of restoring balance within the complex but intrinsically intelligent central nervous system. This evolutionary neurofeedback system, designed by clinical psychologists, monitors the brain’s electrical output, and mirrors it back to the brain in a way that allows the central nervous system to make corrections to optimize itself.

The proof of the effectiveness of this program is evident from McDavid’s multitude of satisfied clients who have seen remarkable improvements as a result of participating in his neurofeedback and life coaching programs.

I had been experiencing separation anxiety panic type symptoms since I arrived in California from a very rural area of Colorado with a broken heart and crushed dreams.  I was overwhelmed, like a deer blinded in the headlights, and daily having difficulty focusing on my priorities. After 15 sessions, I noticed an increased ability to focus more clearly and make intentional decisions.  NeurOptimal® has changed my life forever, along with Buck’s support coaching.  Currently with over 100+ training sessions, my life appears bright and clear.  I am truly blessed to have experienced this unique brain training process. I absolutely recommend the NeurOptimal® Advanced Brain Training System.“  D.C.

The NeurOptimal® Brain Training System goes beyond traditional neurofeedback offered today.  There is no guesswork about what your brain needs.  Instead, this system monitors your brain activity and provides information for the central nervous system to alter itself when not functioning efficiently through an infinitely cycling mirroring program. This is done by placing clips and sensors on your ears and head that read the subtle electrical activity of your brain, while listening to music.

The NeurOptimal® process quickly detects brain wave variances and creates a break in the music, a brief auditory pause that sounds like static, providing feedback to your brain. Your alerted brain then, at a non-conscious, level self-regulates to a homeostatic state. Without any effort on your part, your brain  understands the complex mathematics that are involved in this infinitely cycling program and retrains itself to be flexible and resilient. This results in an optimized brain that makes efficient  use of its neural pathways, thereby allowing you to choose potentially new and improved thoughts and behavior patterns.

Another client of McDavid’s goes on to say, “I was really struggling with depression and even suicidal at times.  Shortly after starting NeurOptimal® sessions, people began to notice I was not so sad and had the desire to enjoy things again. At first, I don’t think I trusted the change, but I soon began to realize that I had energy, was happier and more at peace  ̶  NO DEPRESSION AT ALL!  I am excited about life and pursing writing children’s books. I sleep through the night now and that hasn’t happened for a long time.” W.H.

For more information regarding this life changing program, please call Buck McDavid at 760-715-3875 to make an appointment for an initial no cost assessment or visit