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Boon addresses water and Village Planning Task Force

RANCHO SANTA FE — At a recent Rancho Santa Fe Association board meeting, president Ann Boon addressed her fellow directors and Covenant members regarding two key points. In her president’s report, she touched upon water updates as well as the new task force to help revitalize the Village.

She began, stating that water continues to be a concern for all. She assured members that both the board and staff are continuing to work with the Santa Fe Irrigation District and other avenues to help conserve water. In tandem, they are also helping Covenant members with their own conservation efforts.

Boon also wanted everyone to know that the Golf Club has recently created their own water committee.

“The water committee is researching the viability of obtaining secondary water from several sources in addition to their own well,” she said.

She went on to say that because the Association is deemed as a governing body and the Golf Club belongs to all Association members, they are seeking funding opportunities in the event the golf course locates a viable secondary water source.

“So we’re going after the local, state, and even federal funding that might be available to us,” Boon said.

In the audience was Assemblyman Brian Jones, who earlier gave a presentation regarding the water challenges in the state of California. Boon pointed out that he was not the only state representative that the Association had engaged regarding this topic.

“So we’ll keep you posted,” she said.

While the board has been readying for its annual Strategic Planning Meeting in early August, Boon said, board members have also been taking part in current projects while looking ahead toward new ones.

A handful of these current projects include researching fiber-optic cable, enhancing cell phone coverage, Covenant Club research and design, and review governing documents to confirm they are aligned with Davis Sterling laws.

Boon then addressed the worrisome member input from a couple months ago.

“Earlier this summer we heard from many, many covenant members of their concern in the declining vitality of our Village,” she said. “I’m happy to tell you that the steering committee was newly formed and the Village Planning Task Force convened in July.”

Boon explained that the steering committee encompasses its members who have in-depth experience in development and community planning.

“We’re very fortunate that they have shared their expertise with us,” she said.

She conveyed to members in the audience that more information about the committee and their goals will be unveiled in the weeks ahead. Boon invited Covenant members to join in on the “important work ahead” for future meetings which would be announced.