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Boon addresses storm damage

RANCHO SANTA FE — The severe El Niño thunderstorms which moved through San Diego during the weekend of Jan. 31 left downed trees and destroyed power lines around the county including Rancho Santa Fe. At a recent meeting, Board President Ann Boon addressed the board and Covenant members hoping that everyone sustained minimal to no damage.

According to Boon, she heard reports of winds in the Ranch reaching speeds of 65 miles per hour.

“Mother Nature left her mark with trees down and branches all over the streets. The community overall lost about 70 mature trees due to high winds,” she said, noting how the golf course suffered the loss of four mature eucalyptus trees. “Thankfully we had no reports of injuries to people or their animals.”

While property owners sustained minor damage to fences, Boon noted that she had not heard of any major damage to homes in the area.

“By Monday morning five roads in the Ranch were closed because of fallen trees and downed and damaged power lines,” she said.

Boon went on to thank their local and county crews who had clocked in long hours. Roads were reopened by 5 p.m. on Feb. 1. She also pointed out how the protocol of the crews was to prioritize the work in what areas needed to be addressed first. Boon said there was still a lot to be done and the Rancho Santa Fe Association estimated it would take another few weeks to complete the entire job.

“So I ask for your patience as our crews clear the debris and complete the work,” she said, adding her thanks to the collaborative team effort for their long hours of work to keep the community safe.

Next on the agenda Boon addressed the nominating committee for the upcoming elections for three vacant board seats, which will come available. Including Boon and Heather Slosar, other members on this committee are Rochelle Putman, Roxana Foxx and Marie Addario.

According to Boon, to date the Association has received quite a few names of persons interested in running. Boon went on to say that the nominating committee is asking by Feb. 16 that interested individuals submit their bios.

The committee is also setting up interviews for potential candidates Feb. 23 and Feb. 25.

“Just as a reminder we do have a committee, but this is a completely open process so if you are someone who is interested in running and you’re really not interested in talking to the nominating committee, that’s OK,” she said. “Just take a look at the deadlines for submitting your name and your biography and we’re happy to have you run.”