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Board sets fees for Performing Arts Center

RANCHO SANTA FE — The Rancho Santa Fe School Board adopted the special fee schedule Dec. 7 for those wishing to rent its new Performing Arts Center. It is available for many uses by nonprofit and for profit entities. 
All bookings require a $400 nonrefundable deposit at the time of booking.
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Charge Nonprofit For profit
Usage fee $800 $1,200
Additional PAC usage charge per hour $150 $225
Band room (5 hour minimum) $150 $225
Band room usage fee per hour $50 $75
Technical Labor to be Provided by the District $30 $95
Additional Staff Custodian per hour $25 $35
Equipment/Supply Charges
LCD Projector Usage per Performance $50 $75
Microphones Usage per Performance $50 $75
6′ x 3′ Tables per Table Usage Fee/performance $5 $7.5
60″ Round Tables Usage Fee/performance $5 $7.5
Box Office Services
Use of Box Office (5 hour minimum usage) $100 $150
Additional Box Office Use per Hour $20 $30
Courtyard Reception $75 $125
Misc. Fees and Deposits
Cleaning/Damage Deposit
(These fees will be refunded provided there is no damage and/or clean-up necessary)
$600 $900