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Sherry Shriver and author Joyce Maynard, right, at a recent Author Talk series at the Rancho Santa Fe Library. Photo by Christina Macone-Greene
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Bestselling author visits the RSF Library

RANCHO SANTA FE — An overflow of guests attended a recent Author Talk Series at the Rancho Santa Fe Library wanting to meet New York Times bestselling author Joyce Maynard. Following a warm welcome and introduction by Susan Appleby, Maynard shared that she wasn’t on a tour for her recent novel, “Under the Influence.” She compared it to more like a San Diego tour adding how she loved the area.

Recently, her book was released in paperback.

“Under the Influence,” a story about the price of friendship, has received praises. While it’s a work of fiction, Maynard shared how part of its inspiration was rooted from her own loss of a friendship.

While nothing discernable happened, she said, it was something that stuck with her. In her book, Maynard wanted to recapture those dynamic feelings of losing a friend.

“As a writer, I want to tell stories that matter,” she said, adding how she never really knows where her next ideas will come from. “The stories that I tell are the ones that I am inspired by.”

For Maynard, a writer’s qualifications include empathy and to always look for compassion. It’s about making the attempt to understand the lives that one isn’t familiar with.

During the course of her talk, Maynard shared how libraries were dear to her heart. While social media has the ability to reach the masses, Maynard explained how visiting libraries and book stores would be something that she would never stop taking part in even though it could be considered old-fashioned these days.

“I feel very fortunate that I have been able to do this work and grateful to my readers,” Maynard said.

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