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Back to school, book tales, and parties in Rancho Santa Fe

Do you sometimes feel like a book chooses you? I do. An avid book reader and a frequent shopper at Book Tales in Rancho Santa Fe, you could say that I’ve had this experience on several occasions at different moments on my own life’s journey.
Sometimes in life, it feel like there are synchronicities existing, pulling your subconscious to find just what you might need during challenging moments and a reprieve from your normal “day to day” moments.
“Good Grief,” by Lolly Winston just happens to be the book I am referencing. The clever title and the book cover of a pair of pink bunny slippers worn by main character Sophie Stanton actually gives you the impression of a slightly upbeat tone within the pages of this novel. But this book is anything but a lighthearted. However, sometimes it better to take the road less traveled and find a more concise perspective than you might have had before.
“Good Grief,” was just that experience for me.  After losing two of my good friends last year, I found myself identifying and rooting for Sophie as she challenged herself to discover a new life as a young widow.
If you have recently lost someone you love, this book is a wonderful novel that explores life “amidst grieving” and offers a beautiful message of hope and recovery along the way.  In case you might have guessed, yes, I did buy my copy at Book Tales, which is my absolute favorite bookstore in the whole wide world.
Around Town
 On Aug. 20, I woke up excited to see the sun was out in full force, without one cloud marking the blue sky.  Why? Because every other Saturday or so I make my favorite stop at the Book Tales, the second hand bookshop in the Ranch right next to the library. Yes, as you read above, I just love this place.
And on this particular day my good friend Shannon Elle came with me to visit this enchanting bookstore. I have included a photo from that day of all of Shannon’s books that she found with Nancy Miller. Nancy informed us she has been part of the Library guild for 30 years and has a passion for books, too. So, do take my advice and stop by during the week before 4 p.m. or on Saturday. If you love books, you won’t regret it.
On Aug. 26, I had the pleasure of enjoying a spectacular evening at Mille Fleurs. If you didn’t know, this is one of the busiest times of the year there because of Del Mar’s racetrack season.
When my husband and I arrived, I do believe there was a stretch limo parked out front, a Roll Royce adjacent to the bank and piano bar guests lined up right outside to squeeze in to the already packed bar.
Every table on the courtyard was filled with beautiful people dressed in cocktail attire and the dining room was packed inside, too. The energy felt electric that evening.
I have never been happier to be out again in the evening in Rancho Santa Fe. I have featured a fun photo of a well known face around town Advertising Assistant Manager, Krista Lafferty from the Rancho Santa Fe News on the right of my husband, Robin Shull with Shannon Elle seated on his right side. Shannon is working as a hairstylist in Del Mar.  
An inside fact: Krista, Shannon and I worked briefly together in 2006 for another newspaper and what fun those days were, too!
On Aug. 27, the weather continued to shine. Not only was it sunny, but it also felt almost unbearably warm for the first time in awhile. I had the wonderful pleasure of looking forward to one of my favorite events, a spa party at Karian Forsyth’s home in The Crosby.  
I’m sure if you’ve read my column you know that this is featured every so often and I must say, I love writing about that day. With the weather being absolutely perfect, who knew the food and wine could be, too? Of course, at Karian’s home every vase, every photo, each plate and glass exemplify her personality with verve and color.
Throwing a party takes talent, but to coordinate that feeling of exquisite sophistication found down to a fork in your hand takes real talent. And, that Karian has, not to mention just being one of my most supportive friends, ever.
Tried and true, I know I can count on her word and as a friend that always cares. How lucky for me. Here is a gorgeous photo of just some of the ladies that day. I feel it captures the fun we were all having. Thanks, Karian, for always bringing a bit of glamour and “girl time” back into my schedule!
Later that day, as I was leaving the Crosby through the side gate that leads right through San Dieguito Trails, I snapped this photo of a tranquil resting spot that might be a hidden jewel in Rancho Santa Fe. If you go hiking soon, you must seek out this lovely secluded spot right near where you park at the bottom of the trail.
Also, don’ t forget, we lose an hour coming up shortly this fall, so enjoy the longer days and take advantage of the sunset before we roll back the time the first week in November
On Aug. 29, the roads were packed before 8 a.m. in the Ranch with every man, woman, student and child vying for a spot in the line for the first day of school. If you missed the memo from Roger Rowe School’s new “Tardy Policy” and your child is a student, do please keep reading.
Starting this year, if you are even one minute late without a legitimate reason, you will have to live with the image of your child sitting in detention for one hour during lunch break. You will then be notified of this and have to live with the fact that it was your fault. Wow.
I guess they know how to get the point across. Let’s just say I will be leaving 15 minutes early each day to avoid Jackson hanging out in the detention room. Good luck parents! Don’t be late this year to school. I have included a picturesque photo of the new campus that is now still only one year old. The construction time was hard to suffer through, but wow, was it worth the wait, right parents?
An inside tip if you are looking to change up your lunch box selection, call Tim Cusac, the owner of Caffe Positano in Rancho Santa Fe. He has wonderful, healthy and affordable lunch choices on his menu. He also delivers daily to all the schools in the area. Here is his number:  (858) 759-1940. For those of you who may not place the name together with the shop, it’s the main coffee shop on Paseo Delicas, and there is also a location in Fairbanks.