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Whose tax dollars are they, anyway?

A key question has raged in California for more than one year, ever since Gov. Jerry Brown first proposed two of his key tactics in the ongoing battle against seemingly perpetual state budget deficits.

Schwarzenegger: A lousy leader with an even worse memory

Back when movie muscleman Arnold Schwarzenegger ran for governor for the first time in 2003, seeking to oust Gray Davis from the post to which he had freshly been reelected, he was often accompanied by two types of people:

Energy price manipulation continues on two fronts

Anyone who thought manipulation of California energy prices ended with the criminal penalties assessed against executives of companies like Enron and Williams Energy after all the available evidence now suggests price-fixing continues not only in electric power, but that gasoline is also in play.

Win for pet proposition proves Brown is unique

Jerry Brown’s signature was notably absent from the ballot arguments in favor of Proposition 30, the tax increase measure he pushed so hard in this fall’s election.