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Victim testifies against defendant in Memorial Day attack

VISTA – One of two victims testified on March 27 that she was tied up, gagged and sexually assaulted by her neighbor at knifepoint before the accused also kidnapped her 19-year-old best friend, which led to a manhunt by police for the Vista sex offender parolee last Memorial Day weekend.

Jury finds school shooter sane

VISTA — The man who shot at children on the playground at Kelly Elementary School in Carlsbad was found sane at the time of the shooting, the jury announced March 16. The verdict followed deliberation during the sanity phase of the two-part trial to determine whether the 42-year-old Oceanside man was insane while he committed […]

Questions over shooter’s sanity resume in court

VISTA — Several doctors testified in a Vista courtroom the week of March 5 that the man who was found guilty of firing a gun at kids at Kelly Elementary School in Carlsbad on Oct. 8, 2010, has a severe mental illness including delusions, as the sanity phase of the trial continues.

Drunk driver is given 6-years

VISTA — Julianne Elyse Thomson, 24, was sentenced Monday to a six-year sentence in state prison for the drunken crash and hit-and-run that killed a grandfather while he was riding his bicycle to work in Carlsbad last summer.

Communication center makes preparations for Next Generation 911

Communication center makes preparations for Next Generation 911

CARLSBAD — The Carlsbad Police Department’s 911 communications center gave its emergency system an overhaul, making it ready to accept videos, pictures and texts from callers once telephone service in statewide emergency call centers is changed from analog to digital.It may be another five years before people are reporting emergencies face-to-face with an operator using […]

Jurors find O’Rourke guilty

VISTA – Jury deliberations in the case against Brendan O’Rourke, the lone gunman accused of shooting at kids at a Carlsbad elementary school in October 2010 took less than one hour Monday to result in a guilty verdict.

Police search school after report of subject carrying a gun

CARLSBAD – A police helicopter and patrol officers searched for a man who was allegedly seen waving a gun on the street in front of La Costa Canyon High School Wednesday, but that subject was never located and officers left the area an hour after the 10:37 a.m. call came in to the Carlsbad Police […]

Tree makes transformation from palm into tiki

Tree makes transformation from palm into tiki

ENCINITAS — A tall “welcome tiki” now lends a piece of art to the beach neighborhood on Edgeburt Street after the tree-that-used-to-be was carved last week by professional woodcarver Tim Richards.When homeowner Ann Knight was notified that her aged palm tree had to come down because it was too close to electrical wires, she said […]

Authorities crack down on texting, cell use while driving

COAST CITIES — A creative hands-free device saved at least one driver from being among the hundreds who received citations during law enforcement’s countywide detail Feb. 13 to Feb. 18 to curb drivers from illegal texting and cell phone use without a hands-free device.

Trial begins in Carlsbad Elementary shooting

VISTA — The trial of 42-year-old Brendan Liam O’Rourke, a former Oceanside electrician accused of a school shooting at Carlsbad elementary in October 2010, injuring two students, began with four children taking the witness stand Monday.