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Ranch entrance getting colorful makeover

RANCHO SANTA FE — Colorful landscaping for the La Bajada entrance to Rancho Santa Fe is in the offing thanks to the efforts of CONE, the Committee on the Natural Environment.

Proposal for farmers market opposed by some in Ranch

Proposal for farmers market opposed by some in Ranch

RANCHO SANTA FE — Not everyone thinks a farmers market in Rancho Santa Fe is a good idea and said so at the Nov. 15 meeting of the Association.

Decorations in the Village have become a long-standing tradition

Decorations in the Village have become a long-standing tradition

RANCHO SANTA FE — For as long as just about anyone remembers, the Village of Rancho Santa Fe has been decorated and lighted for the holiday season.

Tree removal a source of concern for RSF Association Board

RANCHO SANTA FE – Stop cutting down trees on the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Course immediately, an alarmed Association Board told golf club officials.

Residents pay new fire protection tax

RANCHO SANTA FE — The state is sending out advance notices of the new annual fee for fire protection, which is considered double taxation by most residents of Rancho Santa Fe who already pay 6 percent of their property taxes for protection to the Rancho Santa Fe Fire Protection District.

Farmers market proposed for Ranch

RANCHO SANTA FE — The organizers of the proposed farmers market for Rancho Santa Fe took the next step to its fruition by asking the Association for the go-ahead at its Nov. 1 meeting.

Finance Committee puts community’s interests first

Editor’s note: This is the third in a recurring series highlighting the various Rancho Santa Fe Association committees that help run the community. This week we will look at the Finance Committee.

School board will stay on course

School board will stay on course

RANCHO SANTA FE — Three of the newly elected board members of the Rancho Santa Fe School District attended the Nov. 7 board meeting.

Voters fill school board, irrigation district seats

RANCHO SANTA FE — Tyler Seltzer, Richard Burdge and newcomer Todd Buchner have been elected to serve on the Rancho Santa School Board.

Association lauds planning of event

RANCHO SANTA FE — Shannon Mountain received a thank you in the form of gift cards from the Association for her efforts in coordinating this year’s Rancho Days, which was deemed very successful.