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Wishing all of Rancho Santa Fe a very happy New Year!

I thought I would write to you, dear reader, from my perspective of what it is like to work for a family-run newspaper. Most of you might have heard recently about the merging of other papers in town. The Rancho Santa Fe Record and Rancho Santa Fe Review are now one newspaper, which leaves one […]

Recession-proof attitude leads Joseph Defalco to successful heights

I don’t know about you, but I’m one of those overly optimistic types that thoroughly enjoy a great success story … especially during a recession. After hearing so many others over the last year speak candidly of our economic situation, it was refreshing for me to discover one of my client’s abilities to grow his […]

Thanksgiving season a time to remember and be thankful

I don’t know what I want to tell you this issue. Sometimes I am brimming with ideas. I have these fantastic stories I love to share with you. Some are personal and others are more of my perspectives on life. For this issue, I thought I would just tell you the many events that have […]

Along came a spider right before Halloween

My son woke up last night and climbed in bed with me because he had a scary dream about a spider. He dreamt the spider had fallen from the ceiling onto his chest as he was lying in bed. Frightened, he ran into my room seeking comfort. However, what had bothered him the most was […]

Skip the pleasantries and tea with cucumber sandwiches

Recently, I have encountered some pretty shallow excuses from someone that used to be a close friend. At some point though, you must be honest with yourself. Does this friendship help or hinder my life? That’s what I have been wondering lately. Sometimes being nice just gets in the way of truth. I’m sure you […]

New York meets Ranch at The Country Friends Fashion Show

In San Diego there are certain events that hold special meaning to each community. I know you might be thinking Del Mar’s Opening Day here, but there is another event that surpasses that day … at least for me. Now you must remember as I write this, I am not a reporter. I am a […]

My teen heartthrob was Patrick Swayze

When the man whose poster hung on your wall when you were a teen dies, you realize you aren’t 18 anymore. Patrick Swayze died this month. I read that when I checked into my Yahoo account last week. Life sometimes has a way of reminding us who we once were through the loss of others. […]

I discovered some things in La Paz, Mexico

I thought I was going to tell you about my trip to La Paz. That was my original intention for this week’s column. In fact, my entire trip I kept trying to come up with the opening line in my mind. “There is no sense of urgency in La Paz. Life is slow, drawn out […]

It’s all right to dream big and believe in luxury

Are you sick of hearing about the recession just like me? After a busy summer and my personal life taking center stage, I am now back in the driver’s seat of … normalcy. With talk of unemployment and a slow economy, it’s a wonder anyone stays motivated these days. From my own personal experience in […]

The recent trend in the backlash against marriage

Two days before my wedding, I did all of my normal grocery shopping at Ralph’s in Del Mar. I picked up my little bag of tangerines, coffee and the rest of my list. As I stood in line, the nice checkout lady scanned my items. My mind was full of hope and dreams with just […]