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Great summer reads, and more from around the Ranch

With summer only one week away, I must share with my readers one of my private joys. One that allows me to lighten-up during my own weekly routine: When in doubt, pick up a book and find the ultimate escape at your fingertips. (For you technology savvy individuals like my son, this suggestion can also […]

Holiday season is a time for reflection and celebration

With the holidays upon us, I am looking back over the years and remembering each chapter. Do you become nostalgic during the holidays? I do. I tend to find hope and memories during this season with a smile and a tear. However, something that has remained consistent is that festive feeling Rancho Santa Fe has […]

Sometimes the best plans are the ones you never made

A few marvelous things took place in the last couple of weeks in Rancho Santa Fe, like my sister coming to visit me for Labor Day weekend. Some of you reading this might have met my vivacious sister, Tracy. I must share that she has been really instrumental in positive ways for me in my […]

Spotlight on Ranch resident, matchmaker Karian Forsyth

After recently attending a book signing of a famous matchmaker in Beverly Hills, I became inspired by this new enterprise that has many individuals finding true love. And what better way to find out the inside dish on how these services really work than from one of my good friends? I had the pleasure of […]

The newspaper wars taking place in Rancho Santa Fe

I ate a habanero pepper tonight on my salad and I broke out in hives. I sat there watching “L.A. Confidential” with my husband, wondering about what to write about this week. Sometimes, my mind is so full I do not know what to share with you. There are many stories to write about, but […]

The perfect getaway right here in San Diego — Jamul Haven

(The following excerpt is from the B&B Journal I wrote in while I stayed at Jamul Haven). February 20th, 2010 Dear Bill and Mariann, I am sitting in the white furry bathrobe I found hanging in the closet. I am reading your magazines on Victorian homes and relaxing, while my husband is having the most […]

Life is short, so take time to celebrate and remember these few things

I am turning 39 this week. With life behind me and before me, I thought I would share some of my understandings and misgivings as I approach the age of 40. Life does not always make sense. Sometimes what we leave behind stays with us until we are able to reconcile our past with our […]

An exclusive interview with Irene Valenti for Valentine’s Day

For this Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be absolutely perfect to interview a world-renowned matchmaking service. You may already know this, but there is one right here in Rancho Santa Fe. I have the pleasure of sharing with you my personal interview with Irene Valenti, founder of Valenti International. Sometimes, I just hit the […]

The art of nothingness on a laid-back Saturday morning

I really miss journal writing. I used to do that more frequently. I think it’s important to remember the little things that make you happy. Like for instance, my quiet time used to be coffee and Saturday morning journal writing on my bed, with the curtains wide open to the trees just outside my window. […]

The dirty secret no one tells you after you say ‘I Do’

After writing about my trip to the marital altar last summer, I thought I would let my single Rancho readers in on a dirty little secret I learned. Getting married does change your life, so be prepared. All that you have known will change the moment you say “I do.” I feel like telling the […]