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Back to school, book tales, and parties in Rancho Santa Fe

Do you sometimes feel like a book chooses you? I do. An avid book reader and a frequent shopper at Book Tales in Rancho Santa Fe, you could say that I’ve had this experience on several occasions at different moments on my own life’s journey. Sometimes in life, it feel like there are synchronicities existing, […]

The importance of being earnest in our friendships

Oscar Wilde once said, “A true friend stabs you in the front.”  Originally, I was planning on sharing an over-the-top sappy friendship quote. However, after reading Wilde’s quote, I redirected my thoughts on the subject of friendship. Figuring out the darker shades in our relationships is just as important as highlighting the sunny sides, too. […]

5 ways to slither into skinny jeans for ‘Sex and the City’ premiere in May

At Thyme in the Ranch today, I ran into a lovely realtor I know — Ashley with the Prudential office in town. She was so sweet, she said, “You’re still looking thin.” I replied, “I have to look pretty for my husband, don’t I?” Sort of a corny retort I guess, but for the rest […]