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Our North County coastal wetlands, watersheds and lagoons

Imaginary lines drawn on a map do not divide North Coastal San Diego communities; the lagoons that run west to east from the coastline delineate our maps. A lagoon is a shallow body of coastal water, partially blocked from flowing freely into the sea. These wetlands are vital ecosystems for hundreds of native organisms and […]

San Diego’s ‘climate zone’ allows for ideal growing conditions

Coastal San Diego County is an excellent place to garden. There are thousands of homes adorned with countless varieties of cultivated plants. With a 12-month growing season, San Diego gardens require only irrigation and some gardener love for optimal growth. Different plants necessitate different growing conditions. California is segmented into climate zones in order to […]

NASA is not dead — they’re alive with science

Space Shuttle Atlantis lifted off from Kennedy Space Center on Cape Canaveral, Florida on July 8, 2011. It was the final mission of NASA’s Space Transportation System: 30 years, 135 missions, many successes and two tragic failures. NASA’s retirement of the Space Shuttle is understandable. The technology is antiquated. However, there is no real plan […]

Geology and the dynamic Earth beneath our feet

The story of the land beneath our feet is remarkable. It is the story of our Earth — this dynamic, majestic rock floating in space. Geology is the study of the solid earth and the processes by which it changes. Epochs pass, rock is created and mountains wash away. Tectonics rip continents apart and smash […]

Red tides make for phenomenal show

Phytoplankton bioluminescence: red tides are common, but this most recent event is substantial. The Devil Wind blows. Fire crews prepare, homeowners stress and surfers rejoice. These are two of the many interesting phenomena observable in San Diego. Red tides are caused by extensive blooms of microscopic organisms called phytoplankton. By day, the ocean has a […]

Enjoy the wonders of the cosmos

Homo sapiens have been astronomers since they first looked up into the nighttime sky and wondered about its contents. For thousands of years, ancient cultures built monuments and mythologies around the night sky. Today, technology facilitates a deeper understanding of the Cosmos. Billion dollar telescopes orbit the Earth, colossal telescopes adorn mountaintops in remote locations […]