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Kirk Effinger: View from inside Escondido political silo different than out

This coming election cycle in Escondido is shaping up to be one of the most interesting in years.

Kirk Effinger: District lines highlight city’s divisions

Escondido’s Districting Commission met this past Sunday to take its first pass at drawing lines dividing the city into four council districts.

Kirk Effinger: People deserve answers on high-profile dismissals

News of the firing of former CEO Larry Anderson this past week by the Tri-City Healthcare District Board of Directors no doubt brought some sense of vindication to former board members Randy Horton and Kathleen Sterling, two of Anderson’s most vocal critics.

Kirk Effinger: San Marcos Unified School District: Pay me now, or pay me later

Thanks to a sequence of events unanticipated by the San Marcos Unified School District administration, its Board of Trustees, or, apparently advisers upon whom they relied, taxpayers in the district will soon be asked to accept a “lesser of two evils” decision forced by what ended up being opposing expectations from the district’s Proposition K […]

Is Escondido improving in spite of its leadership?

The Escondido City Council majority led by Mayor Sam Abed has made much of their city’s fiscal recovery of late — purportedly thanks to shrewd financial management.

Kirk Effinger: Term limits place limit on our progress

If anyone is still wondering what has happened to governance in our state they need look no further than the examples provided with the help of term limits, the behavior of our own State Senator Mark Wyland (38th Senatorial District) as he bids for more life as a politician, and the future of our County […]

Kirk Effinger: It’s how leaders react

A conversation I had with Escondido City Councilman Ed Gallo regarding the public perception toward that city’s school districts left me thinking about how cities get the way they get.

Kirk Effinger: Who’s minding city’s pocketbook is real issue

While attending a small gathering the other day I had occasion to briefly visit with Escondido Mayor Sam Abed and, engaging in a bit of political small talk, asked him how he thought his reelection campaign was going.

Kirk Effinger: Tri-City Board signals move from puppetry to leadership

The recent placement of Tri-City Healthcare CEO Larry Anderson on paid administrative leave for an as yet undisclosed “personnel matter” signals a remarkable change from the days not long ago when it was Anderson, acting as puppet-master, used willing board allies to do the banishing for him.

Kirk Effinger: ‘Roads to nowhere’ a product of activists, weak-kneed politicians

Beware the community activist who became one when a new subdivision or other development is proposed near them and claims to be concerned for their entire city.